Good Morning – People in Shell!


To whomsoever it may concern,

I am not quite a morning person but I do say ‘Good Morning’ everyday to someone. This morning, not exactly morning, it was past 11, I woke up and went to buy milk and other breakfast materials. I met this beautiful and cute girl kid around age 4. She was walking inside the store with chuckling smile. As soon as I entered the main door, she happened to look at me and said ‘Good Morning’. I was amazed to hear those special words. I replied back and smiled ecstatically. Then she went other way to cheer more of her energy. She was greeting every new people who were coming to this store.

At that moment I realized how easy it is for any kid to say anything to anyone. There is no judging, no weirdness and sometimes no expectations at all. As we grow old we forget presence of nature, beauty of words and worst of all, people. Only thing we remember is ourself. Everything looks so engrossing around us and we can’t come out of this feeling. We start ignoring others, judging gestures, doubting on intentions and controlling emotions. We prevent ourselves from others as we call it protection, pretend to smile, comment on other’s action and float ourself away from the world. People could say,

”If I am doing this, it doesn’t mean I am a bad person.”

Yes, you would not be tagged as a bad person but you might have forgotten what it means to be a human. We made an invisible shell around us to avoid other homo sapiens. I have seen people saying all those useless happy words which they never mean. I could still remember the day which was my last working day. My manager called me from other side of 5 ft cubicle wall. He lifted his hand and showed me to shake and said

“Ok, that’s it then. It was nice working with you. All the best for the future!”

And right after I said ‘thank you’ he turned back and walked to his chair. I was amused and little confused from inside. I saw that cubicle wall between us and thought,

Is there any invisible wall between all people, from where they quote some meaningless notion and get back to themself? Are we robots or we are too busy to show our emotions?

When I finished my shopping on that store, somehow the same kid was stood again in front of me. She turned her head up, gave me the look with giggliest smile and ran behind her mom.

So people, what I meant say is:

Break those walls and start looking around you. Find the happiness in little things! Not because you need it, just because you are human. Start behaving like them.

By the way Good Morning People!

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