A Mystery Boy

Note: This write-up is the first half of the first chapter of my story
Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Mystery, Inspiration
Word contains: Around 4200 words


Poster Boy

I was not sure how much I was going to over think about all those matters which gave me an alien feeling in those two weeks. My head was trying to figure out all the plausible reason behind it. An excruciating headache was resisting my thinking ability on this filthy street road from which I was approaching my home. I never had a large group of friends and unfortunately, this one was also almost tearing off from my life-cliff without even informing me. I wanted to ask her the cause of all this chaos. Why all of a sudden, she turned her back without notifying me? I wanted to go into the phase where we could talk and clear things out. But she never gave me any chance to face her. All I wanted a friend, with whom I could really be me. I had no idea what went wrong.

With all these cloudy thoughts I reached to my flat which had a closed door in front of me. I tracked down to my pocket, grabbed the only key and opened the lock by shaking the door toward me. I knew that nobody from my flat-partners would be at home. I pushed the door which gave the view on shoe-rack. I entered, locked the door from inside and tried to put off my shoes. As soon as one shoe was tripped off, I happened to look around the dining hall where 2 big sofas are kept at three meters of my radius facing to me. Just behind the sofa along the wall one big computer table was placed where one big cardboard was kept and one boy almost of my height was drawing some words on it with some coloured pencils on his hand. From the left side view, I couldn’t recognize him and I asked, “Who are you?”

He looked at me with no intended response and began to stare at me. Right at that time, suddenly my whole vision was faded away for one moment. I switched my view, closed my eyes and opened it again on the same guy. He was still working on his cardboard. With some weird sense of fear, I consolidated my words and threw at him again, “Excuse me? Who are you, what are you doing here?”

I fired every possible question I could ask and he, instead of replying, was speeding up his work. I started to have a feeling of rage with little fear. So, I carefully stepped towards him by repeating my questions.

“Excuse me. Are you listening to me?…. Who are you and what are you doing here?…. See, I am asking you for the last time…. Who….??” On a two meters distance from him, he finally stopped his drawing and looked at me. Then he lifted his left hand to give a stop sign. I halted my leg as per his command. His right hand grabbed the poster what he was working on and raised it over his head with an extra support of his left hand to show all words he had drawn. It was written:

Sometimes I wish I could read minds

I read the line two times and as I was connecting the unidentified dots, I had a stroke again of fading out of the whole vision. After the moment had passed I looked up at the table and he was missing. I rushed myself to look around the hall but there was no one. I went to the room which was one meter left from his last position. I searched every single corner without a single trace of him. I return to the table where he kept the poster, it was also missing. I was in bewilderment. My eyes, surprisingly filled up with tears, were still spying around the hall, wondering the whole scenario as an illusion but it looked so real. I was dazed about all the tears I found in my eyes.

I didn’t tell about this incident to any of my friends; because there was no clue to make them believe about the existence of that boy. It was something which was oblivious to me but believable at the same time. The entire night I was trying to interpret the meaning behind those words written by mystery boy. However, I assumed that he could be my illusion. I was in my bed, trying to picture whole mysterious poster boy incident and somehow, those words seemed very familiar to me. In a few minutes, I got to know that this exact line was lingering into my mind when I entered the house.

The feeling which I was trying to implore in my mind and pretending it didn’t exist, was devastating my empathy. This poster boy filmed the whole idea and pestered into my brain by which I could decipher my enigma. But the real puzzle was who this magical boy was. How did he know what I was thinking? Was he just an illusion of mine or I was having some psychological disorder in which I could see a different person which has no connection with this real world like we usually saw in the movies or heard in the papers/novels. The good thing was that this incident (supposedly) directed me away from the overwhelming thoughts of her. There was no way I could read everyone’s mind, although I was a little skeptical about the poster boy incident.

Had the God granted me to ask one question I would probably ask, “Why am I always the victim of an emotional syndrome, especially when it comes to my social circle?”

I can’t easily socialize with people. However, I didn’t have this kind of problem from my childhood but somehow I got into my own personal zone, disconnected from people. Maybe it was because; I confined myself till the certain limits of friendship. Also, I didn’t give anyone a chance to get closer to me neither in the spiritual nor in a personal way. Especially, when it came to any girl, I keep the most shielded guard ever just for my own protection; protection from being in love again which means protection from being hurt again!

It was 2 years ago when that girl, that vicious girl gave me the most disgusting feeling which caused my impassible character. After that, I pretended very insensitively around any girl, not in disrespecting way but to dismantle myself from any kind of emotional bond, although I was tagged as a ‘nice-guy’ among them. Somehow, in this process, I disconnected from guys as well; because in the age of 20s-30s, guys would usually want to hang out with girls more and I naturally tried to avoid those meetings as long as I could. I wasn’t able to forgive myself for trusting that girl, even though she was gone long back from my life.

I guess that’s why I seeded this psychological disorder inside me and created this boy. Maybe, it was time to analyze what was wrong with me. Maybe, it was time to revive me for the quest for happiness. Maybe, it was time to forgive me and give a chance to find my true identity. I know it was difficult from that point but at least, I was not late. It was the beginning.


A New Dawn

When these awakening perceptions arose, I felt free to think or do anything but got perplexed with ‘how’. In this industry, where I was working, people do so many things to make them happy and famous, at least among their friends. They go to parties, outing, and drinking. They use to join so many curriculum activities for some hours in the week to cut off themselves from their routine life. To join the trend, I too threw myself in. I joined guitar classes, dance classes, even theater classes not because I wanted to learn those things and be famous. It was because; in this way, I could meet new people, interact with them, be familiar with their names & personalities, be friendlier with them and if got good luck, fall in love with someone.

Page by page, my life diary was being busy and filled up with many surprises. It had been 2 months since I joined this weekend guitar class. I was not that great at it but at least, I could hold the chords and play the song according to the written script. Usually, we used to sit in a room of size 10*10 with 7-8 plastic chairs, one amplifier and 3 plastic stools in a group of 5-6 people for one hour. Everyone had their own guitar (acoustic/semi-acoustic) with their copies to note the points, diagram or song script. Room wall had those big posters of big music band players, some of which I never heard of.

It was a sunny evening on Sunday. Everyone was practicing the given different songs and all mixed-up sounds were waved through the whole room, although it seemed like a noisy atmosphere for an outsider, but, for us, it was solitude. We could be lost ourselves while listening to our strings. I remembered I was practicing ‘500 Miles’ with my hands on strings and eyes on the notes. Someone knocked at the door. My head was up to the left as I was almost a meter distance from the entry. Our guitar mentor, who was just at the side of the gate, had stretched his body little towards the door, lifted his right hand and pulled it towards me to open. One tall guy around 6’2” height, well-built body and had a black goggle clipped on his blue check shirt button entered. His eyes were little exhausted from sweat and he had a small linear cut mark on the side of his eyebrow. After a little talk with the mentor, he was asked to sit with our group for a few minutes. He then stretched his hand to his guitar bag which was kept just outside of the wall. He turned himself to me, started moving to approach the empty chair at the corner of the room and suddenly he stopped himself for seconds when his eyes found me; he remembered my face! I flipped.

I just prayed right at that moment that by any chance he could forget my face. When he halted his walk after looking at me, my heart just wanted to fire all bazookas. This man was the one and only person in my most hated enemy list.

It was almost ten years ago when I was in high school. He was my senior. He used to bully me on my way to school. He and his friends had their hangout spot at a tea stall at the national highway. Most of the time, I had to walk to school from the same road. They used to call me and insulted me for hours whenever they spotted me. They ordered me to polish their dusty shoes, sing a song, tell PJ, smoke a disgusted smelling cigarette and become a waiter to bring things from any nearby store. They called me ‘Dumbo kitten’. I don’t know where they had discovered this name.

I did everything to avoid them. I begged them so many times. In fact, I changed my timing of coming from school by leaving late or sometimes early. I was succeeded for 2-3 times but soon when they realized, they began to pick me at any random hours.

There was no way I could change my route; because that was the only way to my home. I also applied the theory of walking in a group of 2-3 friends but it was of no use as we were all beaten up. After that, I was on my on to trespass that tea stall zone. It was like the District 9 for me. The only thing I didn’t do was, to reach out to my parents or teacher as I was so scared that if I would tell anyone, they would beat me up again.


It was hot and humid summer days of the month of June. Monsoon was about to knock. This day, on this peculiar day, I sense some weird notion. The sun was playing hide & seek with gray clouds since morning. The cold air breeze was whispering the monsoon song. There were millions of fibrous come from side field waving with the wind around the highway.

Despite all these good changes in the weather, I seemed to be nervous. It was like the worse was about to come. But deep inside, I was happy for the feel of rain which was always my favourite season since childhood. At the school, the entire day, I was waiting for the first drop of rain to fall.

The six hours of school went so great that I completely forgot about my weird intuitions. I walked down the same road in a white shirt, blue pant with a heavy bag on my back. The same tea shop was near and I started moving by suppressing all my joyous emotion in a pit of a scare.

As I was passing by the shop I happened to stare. Wonderfully, no one from the bully group was there. I came out from the fright-filled heart and tickled my smile to another level. The sky filled with dark clouds was about to thunder its charm on the earth. I was breezing against the flawless breeze.

“Hey, Dumbo!” Suddenly a voice came from behind. I turned and swallowed my ravishment of the moment as the whole gang was standing there with their bikes.

“Hey Kitten! Hop on to the bike.” The tall guy shouted. My heartbeat had gone up. I, somehow, managed to say a few words.

“I would rather stay here.”

“Oh, well, well, well! The Kitten has the bullocks of guts…. Could anyone miss to see the dare… devil here?” the tall guy sarcastically voiced and walk towards me in a playful manner and bent his body a little to level our head with words.

“Listen Dumbo, I will give you two options: Either you come with us or we could beat you here and drag you all the way.”

I knew he wasn’t joking. I was shivering like a stretched rubber with a twitch. I had no choice but to go with them. They dragged me to the back seat. I didn’t want to guess where we were going and what they had planned for me. However, I heard about 2-3 child molestation cases in papers. I could feel my heart beating.

They took me to a warehouse out of the town almost four kilometers from my home. There were no other buildings and any trace of people around a radius of 500 meters. There were many big storehouses with conical roofs, I couldn’t count the number, inside the bounded area of 6-7 foot wall.

As we reached inside the boundary, they asked me to walk with the two of them into one of the buildings, which had big brown Iron Gate shutter with one lock below. One person opened the shutter with a key for the lock and the iron rod to push the shutter up. As light bulbs – just above our head till the end – were turned on I could see 40-50 meters track with lots of big bags were placed both sides. In the meantime, rest three people joined us after parking their bikes.

“You lucky bastard! Today, you’ll see the wings of a man.” One long curly hair guy with a gray T-shirt and black jeans tapped on my back and said in a mischievous tone. My brain had all the uncertainty about the next many moments. We all walked inside to the end of the storehouse where I could see someone tied to the chair. She was trying so hard to pull up her hand from the tied rope as soon as we started walking towards her. She was loud in her cry asking for help. I saw her sweat drops on her head. She, in her flowery-textured red frock, had her eyes full of tears and pity look.

“So, listen Dumbo, you have nothing to fear about…” The tall guy came out of the group and started talking to me but the red shirt guy, who stood just right beside me, interrupted.

“Hey. You guys will do it here? (Tall guy gave the look of affirmation) oh, come on! This is my dad’s place. I am not going to let this happen inside the store.”

“What’s the problem?”

“Nothing, I don’t want this kind of shit inside. I gave the house just for kidnapping, nothing else.” He almost shouted in temper to clear his point.

“Ok, fine!” the tall guy agreed in tempered tone, “let’s lose the rope on her and get both of them outside.” Curly hair guy and tall guy dragged the girl outside from the back door. My brain was still jumbling about why I am supposed to be here. I was still following orders. We all came out from the back door into the bushes behind the broken wall. They threw the blue-eyed girl who looked like my age. Then this time again, tall guy turned to me and said, “See Kitty, you have nothing to fear about. We just want you to ‘F***’ her.”


I was startled from inside when I heard the ‘F’ word. I looked at him with an unbelievable expression in my eyes. Then I turned my head to the girl who looked as shocked as me. She did not utter a single word now but she stared every single guy with her pity or innocent look.

“Looks like they both liked each other.” One more guy from behind said in a teasing manner and all started laughing. The tall guy came near to me.

“See Kitty, I know you were not expecting all this. But believe me, you will enjoy and remember every single moment of this day. You can think of like, whatever we have done to you till now, we are making it up to you in this form.” And his hand pointed to the girl. He continued,” And Let me tell you one more thing… If you… (He turned to the group).. guys.. guys.. listen all, I am making a deal with him. If he will do it right now, we will never ever bother him again. What do you say, guys?”

“Yeah… yeah… not a problem… We will leave him forever… Deal…. “Every other guy uttered with a smirky nod.

“It will be like watching live porn.” Redshirt guy almost hugged the other guy in his excitement. The tall guy turned to me with a smile on his face.

“What do you say then? Deal?” I couldn’t say anything but to stare at his cunning smile.

“Oh come on! Show me you are the man. Yeah…. What do you say?… (I was still)… Let me tell you one more thing, if you do this we will call you ‘Real Man’ and you already know that we will never bother you after this. Your choice: want to be a ‘Real Man’ or…. ‘Dumbo Kitten’? What do you say, guys?”

“Yeah… yes… Do that, Real Man. This is your moment. Live it or throw it!”


And they all started encouraging as if endorsing the product Sex. I looked at the girl who had a little brownish hair but mostly black, not a single worry on her face and her eyes were like a painter’s imagination. In other circumstances, I would grace her as the most beautiful girl on this earth. But at this gruesome moment, I was blank. I wanted to get rid of all this without hurting or do anything to her. She looked so scared and might be skeptical about my intention. Her dried lip was so still and I could hardly say whether she had to utter any words for help or not.

She was watchful for any of my moves. My any small action could trigger her extreme reaction. I could see her right hand over the small piece of stone. I understood what she was up to.

All the people behind me were still cheering. I turned my head once on the tall guy who posed a flying kiss by directing his eyes from me to her. I looked back to her and stepped ahead carefully with a scream. She threw the stone forcibly without aiming. I bent my upper body below the level of my knee. The stone traveled to the tall guy’s left eyebrow. He screamed in pain, all his friends ran toward him.

I, at an opportunity of escaping chance, grabbed this opportunity and ran through the bushes as fast and quick as I could. I was at my extreme speed. I could feel my heart beat but my leg never stopped. I came out of the bushes on a long field and black clouds were dancing, singing and lightening. I had no idea whether anyone was chasing me or not; because I never saw my back. Suddenly, a few drops had touched my arm. I couldn’t figure out whether it was rain or my tears. I was busy running, ultimately slowed myself at the corner of the road behind the flour mill which looked like closed for decades. I laid down my whole body on the green grass. I wept, and wept, and wept till my heart dried out of all tears. The rain sped up and every drop was striking against my body as a consolation of my escape.

After two days, I was beaten up badly by the same gang. The complaint was registered and the tall guy and his friends were suspended for two months from the school. But nobody knew about the warehouse incident. Somehow I managed to hide it. In the two weeks of recovery, my father took the decision to get transferred.

I did get rid of that terrifying day but the incident wounded me deeply. Still, I feel horrified whenever I visualize that warehouse, bushes and especially, those blue eyes. Somehow, I felt so wrong about the whole scenario. Maybe it was because of that girl. I had no idea who that girl was and where she lost. Wherever she would be, there might be a possibility that she would have forgiven me. These were haunting thoughts.

That tall guy, the cruelest and unimaginatively bossy hooligan, was in the same guitar class with me now.

With all these clumsy thoughts, I was walking in this residential street full of houses, after the guitar session. In the middle of the street, big Neem tree on the side just in front of the yellow painted house, I was called up again ‘Dumbo’ from my back. My legs were slowed down as per command from my unbalanced mind. I could render ten years back picture when this man called me with the same name, with same arrogant and patchy voice. I turned around and he was just three feet away from me. He was smiling at me in a continuous annoying giggle.

“So, how are you, Dumbo?” His smile changed to a little rage.

“See, it was long back and I don’t want any trouble. I just want to go.” I murmured scarily almost all words in one breath after I took off my guitar bag.

“What…? Still mumbling like a goat, huh! Dumbo, you were always a sissy boy and you’re still the same.” He whispered mockingly and continued.

“I can see Dumbo kitten turned into ‘Real Man’!” He was in his sarcastic tone.

As soon as I heard those two words, the entire past events were captured again in my mind. The pinch of rage just trenched into my nerves. I tried to suppress again as I knew that I couldn’t stand him. Suddenly, my whole vision has gone blank for a moment. I yanked my head by looking the tall guy. Then I saw the same mystery boy behind him on the side of the road with the poster holding at his both hands raised above his head. His eyes were on the road but his message was so clear to read. I whispered the message written on it.

Somebody’s going to get hurt so bad!

“What did you just say?” The tall guy asked.

I grinned by turning my eyes on him and repeated that line again but in a threatening way.

“I said somebody is going to get hurt so bad!” I continued that vicious but innocent smile.

“Really? And who is that lucky person?” He reacted well without any fear.

“Honestly, I don’t know! But if you ask me whom I want to hurt? I would say… it’s you.”

I left my guitar bag which followed its path to ground defining gravity. At the same moment, I pushed my right leg with the leather shoes on, to hit between his legs. He broke down completely and fell down while his hands were holding his phallus.

I was no more a ‘thinking bull’ for a few seconds. In fact, I was the ‘Gotham knight-Batman’ for this moment to give back hard. I kept on hitting at the same place for five or six times. When he was almost about to go unconscious I grabbed my bag and ran on that street like a deer ahead of a lion. I ran, and ran, and ran with no one chasing behind. The wind was whispering and singing the song of the coming storm. But I didn’t stop. I could see the boy running, though the bushes with me, not in dread but with pride on his face. Not to mention, my guitar learning journey was ended there.

This is the first half of the first chapter. You can leave your reaction in the comment section.

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