A Boy Without a Head

I always wonder why human nature is to keep on looking to solve the secret of this gigantic universe but has no interest to know their own identities. I am not looking for scientific facts of human evolution but the purpose of one individual human to find purpose in this life.

Most people spend their entire life to find this answer. Some people get it and some people don’t. People, who are regularly introspecting, may/may not have somebody to give the direction and the condition would be favourable/unfavourable depending on the circumstances and other factors.

But their ultimate goal is to reel out everything, somehow. I also wonder what could be the worst possible scenario for this ‘treasure hunt’. And in order to make it thinkable I thought of making this below short story:

Under the grey sky filled with black devil clouds, there was a white desert spread across this bizarre land. The storm was roaring with loads of dust to introduce a twister beneath a blood red drawn sun which was hidden behind clouds.

Suddenly, a lightning struck the ground and penetrate the twister to clear off. The speed of storm was now decreased. Dark clouds were tearing off from the sky.

One boy, pale yellow skin, completely naked, was found in the middle of this dead land. Some big Cactus tree was at hundred meters away from him. The brightening sun was up on his head now. His dazed and scared face was turning red in this ultra heat environ coming from the haughty sun.

He could hear the cranky voice of an eagle and tried to think about himself but couldn’t recollect his memory.

How and why did he come here?

He was looking over the entire place by turning his head. No matter wherever he saw, he found nothing but a mirage which shines on his eyes and forces him to look away. His body was glowing under the impression of light reflections.

The whisper of a hot air started blowing and picking up its speed again by carrying dust. He could hardly open his eyes in this sand fog. Soon, the air was getting dustier. The boy was trying to be still and calm fixing his legs and hands into the sand.

Suddenly, the strong set of hurricane rooted out the cactus tree and threw it into the boy’s direction. He, unaware of the next, had his eyes closed in his stretched position. The two-sided Cactus with sharp horrendous prickles flew in the line of boy’s neck and tore his head off completely. The boy’s body first trembled but eventually calmed down as the stormy weather was getting down.

Surprisingly, there was no blood coming out from his lower throat and he was standing there ‘breathing’, alive. He lifted his hand and checked his head by carrying it to the upper red part of the neck which was completely dried due to overheated atmosphere caused by the hot sun.

This gloomy day turned into a sunny Sahara land wherein that boy was standing without a head . The soul of that boy was now locked in his body and instructing it to run on this ‘dead maryland’ to locate his head. From that day the boy is still digging out every single place in that zone without having any idea on where to look.

At some point in our life, we all start portraying like this headless boy, running around to different places, trying out different things just to discover the new self with their unique identity. That’s when our real journey begins.

It doesn’t matter whether we have someone to guide or not. It also doesn’t matter how much we have to struggle. We just have to keep on digging to search for our ‘head’ so that we could shine better than the sun.

But what happens when we fail?

Some people give up and pretend to live like an insect just to survive every single moment of their day. It’s not like they are depressed; they just turn their back to the reality and deny the possibility of being the One.

And for those, who didn’t know how to give up, this famous ‘Batman Movie’ quote might have worked:

Boy without a Head1
Pic Credit: media.tumblr.com

“Why do we fall?… So we can learn to pick ourselves up!”

And they won! So, do not give up, live your dream!

You can also read a poem written by me on the same topic, click here: A man without a head

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