Oh My ‘Dog’!

I admit my discomfort around dogs, especially street dogs, not pet dogs. Because pet dogs, I believe, are under the guidance of their owner on whom you can put your trust that he/she would control it. We know for a fact that dogs are, in general, loyal. This reminds of a saying:

“Never, ever become the enemy of those who own a dog.”

When you come out of your house, all those street dogs that have their fixed places to sit, just sneak behind you and start ‘smelling’ you. Such a creep! There you would feel a sense of fright. If you’d try to think about running then I should warn you that they will give you a lifetime athletic experience. I know that. I have been there. Not exactly in ‘chased’ situation but ‘close enough’. however, if you are a risk-taker you could use it very well to deal with your overweight problem.

It was an evening of summer. I was walking on a colony road which was empty except some of the street dogs were fighting just 200 meters from me. I was only 10 years old. Suddenly, I had a strong frightening sixth sense about the next minute when I saw those filthy (Sorry, dog lovers) bunch of dogs (about 5-6) who were in a nail-biting war with (probably) other colony’s dog. Their noisy and almost ear-cracking barks were painful. You can hear them from miles. I actually didn’t want to follow the road and enter into their zone, but I had this boyish pride (the macho) with me. All those dogs, mostly light brownish ones, were spitting rage on that poor dog.

I always had this theory as you might all know that all street dogs divide their working/living area among them and once a dog from other colony tries to step into their area, they will give them the hard time and clearly remind them about the implicit agreement.

“You are not welcome here. If you ever cross this line, I swear, no more teaching lessons. I would bite and pull the bone out of you. You better be watchful.”

It’s like a gang war. I guess that was the same thing what was going on there. Since the fight was occurring to the extreme left of the road I decided to walk through the extreme right. I reached exactly opposite to the war zone ignoring their ‘activity’. But this moment something pinched mind – I was in their territory. They all ran towards me with their maximum speed. Their sharp teeth were around my thigh. I stepped back and stuck to the gate which was locked; bad luck. They surrounded me from the rest of the three sides near my hip and barked as loud as they can.

I guess they forgot that I was human – (claimed to be) better than them in intelligence.

Yes, I could see the end of the white light. Next second, before I would think of something they somehow came to their SENSES

No-no-no, he is not the one who is an outsider. He is human. He is god for us. He lives here. He is not an outsider. We are. We are the ones who live in their territory. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

And they left me with my heartbeat running like bullets hitting the same spot again and again with the intense speed. I was shocked that I was fine.

It’s not like street dogs are always scary, they are also the most loyal friend and a protector once they begin to remember you. Like, in my colony where I live now sometimes I come to my home by midnight or late. More than 7 out of 10, they escort me from a particular distance without any noise until I reach my building. They behave like a bodyguard regardless of whether you are giving them any food or not.

At last, I need to say this:

I am writing this post at this ungodly hour 4:30 am, woken up by some dogs who are still barking outside, I don’t know at whom (ghosts maybe) or for what reason.

Okay, signing off now without penning down about any morals behind this post. I am sure you all reader would interpret your own truth from your experience.

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