A tale of Chocolatl land

How many of you are totally obsessed with chocolates or so called chocoholic? I suppose whoever is reading this page after looking the tag ‘Chocolate’, at least love chocolate. I am no exception here. I am also very much of a ‘Choco-lover’. So, I thought why not imagine a world of chocolate and create a love story inside the Choco-world. So without wasting any of your precious time I shall start the journey of a princess. So, get your favorite chocolate bag; because it is going to be a long journey. Also, do not think about the title. It’s origin of ‘Chocolate’ word.

Once upon a time, there was a princess from chocolatl species, lived in a palace made of white chocolates, which was guarded and lighted by many colourful gems. It was situated on the top of a brown chocolate mountain. She was the most beautiful, had smooth silky skin, princess in the whole choco-universe. She had small pearly blue eyes and brownish hair. In human terms, she was the most delicious, pure cocoa mixed soft chocolate ever made. If someone would taste it once, they would be hallucinated in ecstasy for at least 3 weeks. Chocolate would so soft that it will melt in your mouth as soon as it touches your tongue and nobody could ever forget its sweetness for their whole life.

She was so precious; that’s why her father, the king of the choco-state Crillio, had hid her since her childhood. As princess’ skin was so soft, she could melt at normal temperature. To prevent from being melt she used to wear a special purple-colored gown with a pair of shoes & socks which could save her body from outer temperature. She also wore a pair of purple hand gloves which could stretch till her elbow. Everyday at midnight, when everyone was asleep, she sat by the window and looked at the sky waiting for moon to go to sleep. She wanted to go outside but couldn’t; because her father told her

“Whole world is demonic in nature and ruled by giant machines. If you ever go there you would end up being dead. I don’t want to lose you my baby!”

It had been 20 years since she didn’t put a step outside the palace. She felt like a prisoner but never had courage to escape.

She always dreamed that one day someone would come and take her to the stars like she read in the fairy tales. But it never happened. One day, she decided to leave the palace. After midnight, she woke up, took a small knife, hid it in her clothes and slowly moved out from her room. She had to move across the hall, that was lighted by yellow and green ping-gems (PG: whenever they lit their light, sound comes as ‘Ping’) and guarded by blue guard-gems (GG), and take the stairs to main gate. She pressed her foot steps and covered the hall. One blue GG was almost yawning with a small sword in his hand. He leaned his back to the one of brown pillar and rested his head on it. The princess passed him and reached to the stairs and rushed down without a sound of her foot in the discontinuous light provided by yellow gems (they were almost sleeping). She managed to come nearby the main door but suddenly one sound had come which formed darkness around the closed gate. She immediately went aside by the door in case someone would come and check. One of the ping-gems was fallen down at ground nearby stair-step, asleep. She slowly approached to the door knob and turned it clockwise. She pulled the gate, peeped out her head and found one big, little brownish face with a perky nose. They looked at each other and screamed. After this, whole palace was woken up; since the red bell-gems (BG) alarmed the siren. The PG who slept at the stairs, woke up and came near them by lighting his body on sound ‘Ping’. There she saw very light brownish face, wore a tore up shirt with one open brown jacket in the yellow light. He ran through the door and she followed him. All GGs with sword were coming after them. There were many big donut-rollers were kept on the front yard. The choco-boy jumped in the middle space of donut-roller. The princess halted herself just before the roller in bewilderment and looked at the boy.

“Hop on” the boy said and gave his right hand to her to lift. She grabbed it and stepped in to the space with the choco-boy. They started riding on downhill by pushing their legs on the plate which was kept in between of rims attached to the ring. Rim was pulled forward to move donut-roller ahead. All GGs were behind them riding on donut-rollers and whistling.

More than 30 donut-rollers were now chasing them. . There was screaming moments when big rock had come. There was disappointed moment when some GG’s donut-roller was broken in half. There was some ‘Ahh’, ‘Uhh’ and ‘Aahaann’ moment while chasing. The choco-boy accelerated little more by pulling hard on the plates but soon, he had to prepare to stop after realizing that there was a deep down trench where choco-river was ascending through, few meters away. But since the distance was too less it became impossible to cease its speed before the trench. Instead it was rolling with more speed because of downhill.

“Okay, do you believe in God?” The boy rushed the question to princess.

“No, but why?”

“Because, it’s time to pray!”


“We are going down.” The boy said and their donut-roller went pass the end of mountain. They fell down on the echoes of their scream ‘aaaannnn’. Donut-roller began to float with the flow. While princess was trying hard to stay the donut, her left hand-glove was peeled off from her hand by the sharp choco-rock; she couldn’t notice. Meanwhile, the boy approached his hand to one choco-rock, grabbed the princess right hand and they both jumped off from the donut. They hid themselves at the sidewall of the mountain sticking their back on it. The GGs who were far behind pulled out their hockey stick like lollypop stick (had red-white coloured strip) at the edge of the ditch and hooked on to the front part of donut-roller to slow it down. Just before the ditch, their rollers were stopped. They peeped to the river and all they found was the streaming dream-roller. They went back.

Alongside the river, when they were confirmed that GGs were gone, they started to feel relax but the boy was still anxious.

“I guess they are gone.” Princess said.

“Yes, I think so. But they will come here from other side. So, let’s not settle down here.”

“(Perplexed) Okay! Where are we going?”

“I know a place to hide. Come on.” She followed him alongside the river. They both went nearby the fall. The Chocolate liquid was falling rapidly which was hiding the some big part of mountain. The boy crossed through the choco-liquid wall.

“Where are you?” Asked Princess when she couldn’t find him.

“Come inside. Come through the fall.” The princess went behind on his voice.

There was a big tunnel behind it which, indeed, ruled by dark.

“Where are you, I still can’t see you?”

“I am just ahead of you. We will have to cross this tunnel. Keep strolling and follow the road.”

“I can’t. I am scared. Can’t we go from some way where we have some light on the path?”

“No. Those coloured creature would catch us. This is only safe way.”

“Those are Guard-Gems. They are vigilante of our palace.”

“One second. I have something that could help.” He then took out one neon-stick. “I know, this is not much help but at least you know you are not alone and also you won’t lose.” The boy uttered.

“What is this?”

“I don’t know. I found it when I was in mid desert. All I know that it’s not harmful. Will you be able to follow it now?”

“I guess. Still there is dark everywhere but at least I know you are here. I can follow.”

“Okay. Let’s move.” They started strolling in the dark. “You know we should keep talking until tunnel ends. This way you will not be scared….


“So you were saying about the coloured creature.”

“Yeah, they are vigilante of our palace and we call them guard-gems. There are more than 100s of them. They work for my father, king of the chocoland Crillio. I am his daughter.”

“Hey, I have heard about Crillio and also heard about you.”


“Yes. You are the most precious princess ever made in Chocolate history, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. I suppose so. But where did you hear that?”

“Everyone knows about you.”

“Is it?… You know I never got a chance to see anyone except for my father and Gems. I never left the palace whole life.”

“Really?” Neon stick stopped so the princess.

“Yes, my father wanted to keep me safe. I always wanted to go out and see the real world. But my father said that there are lots of machines out there which can kill us. Is it true?”

“It is true. But they are not actually machines. They are just a giant spoon. As far as I know, no doubt, they are dangerous but they don’t kill any chocolatl intentionally. They just dig for the choco-soil and if any of us are in their way, they carry us with them. I could say that much from my experience.”

“So, they are not monsters. But how could you say that? Did you face them?”

“Yes. I am the only sole survivor against those spoons among chocolatl species. We lived at north in the chocoland called Forastero, one of the largest countries in Choco-world. I don’t have any family or friends. I don’t know how I came in this Choco-world. One day, those giant spoons came and started digging our land. Many of us were caught up in their big half hollow-shell. They carried us up on the sky. I could see the whole new world where the most distinguish and gigantic alive creature were standing around our world. Some of them were controlling those machines. Those were called ‘Human’.”

“Human? What is it?”

“Human is the biggest, devious, destructive creature. They can destroy anything to make themselves happy, even sometimes they kill each other. I read it in books. You know, what is the one thing they have, which makes them genius as well as monster?” The Princess had her frightened face looking at neon light for the answer.

 “They have, ‘Brain’! They can create, mold, add, rule, kill or pulverize anything with their brain.”

“Oh My God! Where do they live?”

“Out of the choco-world, up in the sky, there is one more world which is more than trillion times bigger than our world. Humans are the one who operate those spoons. They dig our land and, you won’t believe this, they eat everything.”


“Yes, everything! So, giant spoons are not the one who is responsible for chocolatl death. It’s human!”

“Ohhh… First time I heard about humans. But you said you survived. How?” She felt some liquid flowing around her knees. She exclaimed, “Wait a minute. What’s this liquid?”

“Ohh, that’s Choco-waste. Some chocolates are not used by human because they don’t taste good. Don’t worry, it won’t harm us. Keep moving.” The boy explained. Princess stopped for the moment, but the choc-boy gave clean-chit, she continued following the neon stick afterwards.

“So, you didn’t tell me. How did you survive?”

“Oh that! Ah…. I shall tell you how… Ann… yes… I may be alone in choco-world but I am the bravest chocolatl ever created. So what happened was, One of the human was about to eat by bringing us on that spoon, but I jumped to big gray hard ground. Height was almost the distance between the sky from here. I am sure you want to ask that I was hurt my leg or not. (Little smile) You see, I am also the strongest among all the chocolatls. So, after that, I ran to the big bucket world which, by the way, was our choco-world only. Before anyone could think, I let myself throw to the liquid choco-waste pond from the sky. I swam across the pond and found myself in this tunnel.”

Princess was surprised and very pleased but she exclaimed her doubt again, “Wow. It must have been really exhausting. You, indeed, are the bravest. (After a little pause) So you were saying this tunnel would directly connect to the choco-waste pond?”

“No, no. We are going to the factory. This tunnel has many braches. We are strolling through the branch which ends at factory only. Trust me. I know this tunnel. I have been passing here from more than years. In fact, we are closer now. You will see the lights in few minutes.”


There was a sound of flowing choco-liquid. The neon stick which was tied on choco-boy’s hip, was now dim. They both dragged themselves little faster to light coming from the end of tunnel. The boy, who was ahead, came out first and gave his right hand to the princess. The princess slowly took herself out with his help. At this exact moment, in this short adventurous journey, the boy had had his first chance to look at her closely. He almost got Goosebumps in his heart by looking at those beautiful blue pearly eyes.

“Wow! You look amazing. I didn’t see anyone this beautiful in my whole life.”

Princess blushingly smiled and accepted the praise. She stood there and looked around to capture new world in her eyes.

“So, this is factory. It’s so bright in here and smells really good. What is this place? Who lives here?” The princess curiously turned his eyes to the boy who was still lost watching her eyes.

“This is called Chocolate Factory where human makes chocolate. They make more than 100 types of chocolate here. For every kind of chocolate they have different machines and even different ingredients. Just like this one, in this they put some cocoa beans in this big funnel. It keeps on crunching beans till the beans become powder. Then they mix some milk, sugar and few more ingredients and put them into one jar to heat up. Then they cool down those hot liquid in some jar. In this process, Few waste stuffs come out which they throw it out through a tunnel. Come on, I will show you the whole system.”

The boy left too quick to go near the funnel but princess stopped him.

“Just a minute, I got it. You have not escaped from the human. They actually threw you out; because you were not tasty.”

“huh!… What are you saying?” The boy awkwardly laughed a little and tried to be unaware of what she urged.

“It’s truth, isn’t it? You were the waste chocolatl; that’s why they threw you in this choco-waste pond and you became the part of choco-wastes. That’s why you know all about tunnels, human, machines, Spoons and this factory. You didn’t escape from Human world in real.” The princess was grinning like a detective who just caught the criminal with his bare hand. The boy, on the other hand, got the shocked face. His mind was still jumbling upon numerous attempts to find a cunning idea. First tried to deny the whole thing and defend himself by explaining his version of truth again but eventually, he had to admit.

“Now this is embarrassing.” He said. Princess was still smiling and he tried to avoid any eye contact with her.

Okay, fine! I was just lucky and I admit I am the most disgusted chocolate ever made. I am sorry.” His eyes were fixed on the ground facing the princess. He continued, “I didn’t know what to say when I was standing in front of the most beautiful princess. I had to tell a lie about whole escaping incident just wanted to look good in front of you…. But truth is bitter. I have been in this place like years, waiting for my turn to face death, ultimately will be killed by humans only. I know… I know… you say worse chocolatl again I would be thrown… But you never know anyone could be unlucky to bite me. I maybe the worse chocolate but at least I am not poisonous.”


“Yeah. We have some higher quantity of Theobromine poison which could be risky for human life. But, don’t worry, I am not. I am just worthless! One day, I will die, alone!” He sighed.

Princess felt sorry what she said earlier. She came closer to him and voiced some consoling words.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was too excited that I found some facts. And hey, You are not worthless. Don’t ever say that. I might not have talked to many chocolatls but I am sure you are the most knowledgeable chocolatl in this Choco-world. You know about humans, history of chocolate, about all this machines, factory. You might be lucky for first time but after that till today, you kept yourself safe. I can say this because I felt this throughout our short journey. You know how to use tricks and place to keep yourself safe. You are not worthless. You are the real survivor.”

“I am?” Choco-boy asked.

“Yes you are and I am sorry, again!”

He got his smile back after hearing and discovering some unique quality in him from her words. They both were looking at each other’s eyes without even blinking. It was like the moment where two lost souls completed their quest to find each other.

“Okay! So, I am not a loser after all.” Boy exclaimed. Princess nodded with her smile.

“Shall we go and see the machines?” Princess asked.

“Aye aye, your majesty!” The boy showed his gratitude and bent a little by saying those words. Suddenly, he happened to look at the choco-drops coming from princess left hand. It was melted till her elbow. He exclaimed in shock, “What happened to your hand?” She looked at her left hand with a complete shock which turned into panicking.

“Oh my god… Oh my god! How… ohhh… This is a nightmare! My hand (tears started falling off)… My hand…. My father was right I can’t stand anywhere out from the palace. I should have never come out….”

“But how did this happen?”

“I must have lost my hand gloves at the river and since then due to the warm temperature my hand melted. Oh my god!”

He couldn’t think of anything to say for few moments. But when she completely freaked out and began to cry, he had to come to her. he said, “Okay, Please don’t cry. Be calm. We will figure out something.”

“There is no way it will grow back. I will die now. I am too scared.”

“Please, please, don’t be hard on yourself. See, the choco-blood is still coming out. We will have to cover elbow so the hand would stop melting.”

Princess agreed on this. She gave the knife to the boy to cut extra clothes from the same hand. He covered her wounded part from that cloth and sealed it with the elastic chew-chew-gum which he kept in his pocket.

“This looks fine?” The boy asked. The princess was not listening anymore words.

“I just need to go to my home.” Cried Princess “Please take me home if you can! I don’t know the route.”

“Okay, okay. Stop crying. I will take you home. Don’t worry.” Boy affirmed. Princess looked at him, showed the innocent look which marvelously enhanced her beauty on so many levels.

“Okay, we should go back to the tunnel then?” Princess asked.

“No, we can’t. This is the time when they fill the pond. See there.” The boy pointed to the corner where few drops of choco-waste liquid were falling down slowly.

“Soon, this flow speed will increase and fill up this pond upto more my height in few seconds. And if we go by tunnel now, then by the time we reach halfway, high stream will come through the tunnel and carry us to the river in unimaginable speed. We could be hurt or drowned.”

“So, is there any way to go safe?”

“Yes. We will have to go to front door of this factory by crossing all the machines.”

“Is that safe?”

“I won’t say safe but much better than tunnel…. (Sound of Grrrr…. ) Wait a second… You hear that sound?” Suddenly brisk, heavy liquid flowing sound started to make a noise. It was coming to that pond.

“Yeah. Is it the choco-waste coming?”

“Yes. We will have to go up to the funnel.”

“But, how? It’s too high.”

I maybe the most disgusted chocolatl but, as you said so, I am a survivor and I am much smarter than I look.” He claimed with a smile. He reached to his pocket and took out the pink chew-gum. He stretched it a little and started revolving again and again above around his head. The chew-gum was stretched. It got lengthier enough to touch its end to the funnel edge. He threw one end to up high and it got stuck to the edge. He, on the other end of chew-gum, looked at princess and offered.

“Shall we?”

Princess surprisingly looked at him and without wasting any time, climbed at his back. The Boy ascended himself by using the chew-gum as a rope. The time they reached to the edge of funnel, the choco-waste liquid exploded to the pond with a heavy sound. They both took a long breath.

They were at the top of the funnel which was giving a bitter smell. Just diagonally opposite to the edge, one foot down, small pipe was coming out of the big pot where cocoa powder was stored. With this pot 3-4 half cylindrical pipe was connected going into different direction. The liquid amalgam of cocoa and other ingredients would go through this horizontal pipe and stored into a hot jar which was heated up from fire right under it. Like this there were many machines were installed in this big box of size 5*5 sq. feet. There was a small hole attached with net, covering the exhaust fan, was three feet away from hot jar.

Choco-boy showed the princess the exit path. She took little steps on the edge. Choco-boy was helping her to lead ahead by holding her right hand. They almost reached to the next corner of funnel from they needed to go down.

“So, you really have nobody in this world, you know and blood relation, friend, anybody?”

“As long as I know, yes… nobody. But it’s alright. I am used to live like this. On a positive side, if I would be having someone as family or friend, I might not have this kind of adventurous regularly.”

They got down to the pot with the help of chew-gum.

“We need to go fast; because machines would be started in any minutes now.” The boy informed her. They started walking on the edge of pot and once they were standing just above the half cylindrical pipe, suddenly machine got pumped on with a big sound. On this high intensity node the princess felt bumped. She couldn’t balance herself and fell on the pipe. As her body touched to that inclined surface, because of slippery choco layer, she was descending to the hot furnace. The choco-boy couldn’t think of anything so he jumped behind her and had the same contraction of slipping on the pipe. At the end of the pipe one hot furnace having boiled liquid chocolate was kept. Somehow, she managed to clip her right at end. She was hanging just above the boiled liquid chocolate. On other side, while slipping down on the pipe the boy couldn’t find anything but princess’ right leg to hold. As the weight was now double, it seemed that the princess wouldn’t be able to hold much longer. When choco-boy realized that there is no way they both could survive he decided something big.

“Hey listen, don’t worry about your hand; because I am going to help you to grow it back.” The boy almost shouted as machine sound was too loud. The princess looked down.

“What are you talking about?”

I have read in some book that if chocolatl’s any body part is cut down then it will be fitted back again. Even they can use another chocolatl’s body same part. Just a little surgery will be needed.

“I still don’t understand what you are saying. We need to think of something soon. I don’t think I could hold this pipe for long.”

“Don’t worry, you will be safe.” And he took out the knife from his right hand.

“Nooooooooo…. Whatever you are thinking just don’t do that. We both will come out of this.”

“No, both can’t. But you can. I am sorry I couldn’t keep my promise to bring you back to your home. So, I will give you my hand.”

He carried his knife to his left elbow.

“No… no no, no… please don’t do that.” The princess’ tears started rolling to face.

At least, from now on I could say that I am not worthless!And he cut his left hand which was holding princess leg. His body burned down on the hot liquid chocolate.

“Nooooooooooooo………” The princess has had her last scream while watching him flying to the furnace. She cried her heart out after lifting herself up. She mourned by looking sometimes at choco-boy hand and sometimes to the hot chocolate till her eyes got dried up.

From that day, she didn’t speak anymore words to anyone. She was so sad. She sometimes woke up at night, cried for hours by looking at her left hand which originally belonged to the choco-boy. After observing her for one week, one day her father came to her.

“Oh dear daughter, I can’t see like this. Can you please be a decent girl and behave normal again?”

She looked at him no reaction. He then continued.

“Tell me what happened. Our guard told me that you left the palace with some choco-guy. And I also know this hand belonged to him. If yes, then where is he now? Is he dead?”

She couldn’t utter a word but her eyes got few drops. Her father considered as yes.

“Do you want to see him again?” King asked her. She turned her head to him with little surprise.

“Yes, we can do that if you will have to cut your any finger from the same hand. We can regenerate an alive chocolatl with our scientific methods. I just need to know. Do you trust him?”

“Yes, Dad, yes!” She eventually opened her mouth. “I do trust him. He saved my life. For the first time in my life, I was away out in the world and he was there for me. He told me many great things about this world, about our history, about the Human. Finally, he cut his hand for me. He was dead because of me. I can’t forgive myself for that. If possible dad, then please bring him back to me!”

She immediately cut off her ring finger from her left hand and gave it to her Dad.

“I want to be alone until he comes and knock on my door.” She said and turned her back on her dad. The king left the room by closing the door from outside with the finger on his hand.

Ever since, princess is still waiting, waiting and waiting by sitting beside the window, watching the moon that he would come one day and would take her to the stars.


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