Do you want to go onstage?

As I have a little theatrical background I have this giggling, tickling but special feeling for the stage. There was a ‘Butterflies inside the stomach’ moment you feel just before walking to this empty arena in front (any numbers) of people. Despite all this, I still would like to go there again, and again. People, who have ever experience it, could definitely relate to me.

I was on the stage for the first time when I was only 5 years. It was most probably Independence Day event (can’t remember completely) in my school and one senior girl gave me this piece of paper where one song was written after changing few words from the original Hindi old classic Dil Ke Jharokhon me (Brahmachari). She wanted me to read it in singing node in front of whole school. She even taught me how to sing. I had no idea what that ‘remade’ song meant and I had never heard the original song either. In those days, I was really shy kid but I just followed her idea, went in front of almost I guess more than 100 students, and sang. The whole school was laughing on the wordings of the song from the moment I started with the first line and till I finished the last line. On that day, I remember before going to sing, I was not feeling anything: no butterflies in stomach, no high heart beating, nothing. I had just emptied my mind and did whatever I was told to do. Whenever I looked back in past the lesson I learnt from that small incident, was ‘Empty Your Mind’. This is the most important lesson any person needs to follow before doing anything important in life. This would liberate you to follow your instinct by mixing your experience into it.

Okay, enough with nostalgic moments and teachings. I know you all came here to read few fun facts also. So, here it is.

There is one more job on the stage which would be very difficult to handle: an anchor or stand-up actor, Here I should tell you that I am only talking about those anchors who host social/cultural event; not the professional event where you in the audience would suddenly, come out of your sleep and ask right next to you, “Show is over?

No, no… He is still talking about how all these new policies would work for the company in the future and how the higher management would regulate this with other existing policies. There are many technical terms involved; so, you better go to sleep again.

You see when you are on the stage as an anchor or stand-up comedian, people notice every single physical move along with your ‘talking’, whether it’s your hip action, lip reaction, head movement, hand gesture or finger pointer; you know which finger I am talking about: oh no, no, no… Not that one, Index finger. Okay, stop thinking, forget the finger! So you will have to be little careful there; because your one move could decide whether you are having the ‘laugh at you’ moment or the ‘laugh with you’ moment.

Imagine one scenario that you are a part-time comedian and comfortably sitting at some corner as an audience in a show. You are enjoying the show and suddenly, this friend (also big fan) of yours will appear on the stage and call out you name; how insane is that? You are completely shocked and would try to not to come out so fast. People would wonder and look all over the place for you.

Who is this guy? Where is this guy?” and your idea of not standing up soon is really working for you. But this very enthusiastic friend would really want you to come and he will even point out your exact location.

There he is. Hey friend, come out from under the table. We can see you, buddy! Come on, don’t be shy! Give him a round of applause.

Before you think of any other idea, every flood light would fall on you and all you think would be ‘Time machine’. Yes, if you had a time machine, you would go to the past at the same moment, kill this friend of yours and everything would be normal.

The clapping sound is overwhelming, all the people are looking at you and all you could do is to smile. You are not very confident about today but you smile. You smile, and smile, and smile and walk for the staging area.

When you reach out to the stage while adjusting your mike you see all 50-60 people looking at you and for a moment, you freak out but on a second thought, it hits you that the people, they expect something big and are ready to buy anything whatever you give them. If you go by this logic, you are like a king on this empty lighted stage and the audience arena people is, no offense to anyone, bunch of fools. And by that absurd thinking, suddenly you gain some courage and you would really hit it off. Yes, it can happen and believe me, it happens!

There is one more space which is as important as onstage. It’s called audience arena. Generally, you will see 3 kind of audience.

  1. what-the-hell-is-this kind of audience: These people are generally envious people or some big people, who think they are very smart, will never appreciate anyone; just smash it with all offensive words, even though you have cracked a brilliant joke. At that time they will have some annoying laughing node.”aahan… huh… ha ha.. huh.. What the hell was that? It was a joke? My dog doesn’t even laugh at this joke. What a waste! Look at these fool people, they are laughing.
    Suddenly, someone from his back would say.“Dude, chill out! Not everyone has ability to understand the joke.
    Shuttt upppp!! I know.. I have been there. I did it so many times.
  2. I-would-laugh-no-matter-what kind of audience: These people are actually claque or might be friends of the anchor. They are really excited about him/her coming on the stage. They will cheer on every line of joke even if it’s not even a one-liner.“Yeah… go-baby-go… Ha ha ha… What a line… He is really funny you know!
    Suddenly, someone from his side would say.“Dude, chill out! He is not even started yet!
    Do not dude me! He is a rock, awesome. He is brilliant comedian. What do you know; you can’t even spell your name properly, Huh!
  3. Dude-chill-out kind of audience: He/she is the one who trolls on first and second kind of people and actually have right sense to understand humour.

At the end of this blog, I would say that being on the stage is not an easy task. It needs lot of practice, determination and concentration but I assure you once you get use to this, it will become an addiction and believe me, you will never leave a chance to go more and more and more. It’s charismatic!

So, people, Do you want to go onstage?

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