What Is Talent: An Intellectual Talk With God


Disclaimer: Atheist, please forgive me.

Recently I got a chance to talk with God about the people and asked, “Is there any specific reason to make every human different, except the reason that is how they could recognize each other?”

Oh, don’t think I am lying; because I am not. I really did talk to God. Okay, okay, do not believe me. Just read this blog and then decide.

So once I asked this big question I got a reply like this

“See, it is true I have created every human different but everyone’s properties are same. They can do whatever they want even their mindsets are same. I just put them in different situations and according to surroundings they come up with the idea of how to adapt and survive.”

“Hmmm, but as everyone says you are also responsible for creating this whole environment and surroundings. Ultimately it becomes a situation which is indirectly portrayed by you only.”

“No. That’s not true. When humans were evolving most of them were living in the jungle. Gradually, some of them moved to the polar side, beachside, different forest etc. They just adapted to the atmosphere where they moved, even their body structures functionality changed accordingly. Then time went on and their lifestyle became different. So, you understood, everyone had a similar mind and talent but they used it differently for different situations.”

After this dreamy conversation with God, I thought:

Hmmm, same talent, that’s interesting!

If everyone has same talent then why they have a different story of their success? Somebody gets so easily and somebody needs to wait till their confidence get lose. I mean we always have this thinking that everyone has their own set of skills and own talent to perform but if we go by this theory then everyone can perform exactly in the same amount and be successful at the time; we just need to have peculiar concentration. In this life, you might have heard about those people who have done so many different things in their life, remarkably impressive win. People who couldn’t achieve anything (at least, they think like that) give the reaction like:

“Ohho… He is talented. He can do this, he did that also… ohh.. He climbed the mountain, that’s some news! Wow!… don’t tell me he plays tennis… noooo…. What… he reached the state level by playing basketball… holy god!… I know him he is also a great painter… Where he works?… He is senior software engineer just got promoted this year and got the best employee of the month… hmmm…”

After hearing all that news, your sadness and frustration towards your life:

“Ahh… my goodness… look at him and look at meeeee… he is so talented, I am nothing… wherever he stops at the road, gets stuck in a traffic jam because of his huge fan/follower and I go office every day by 9 o’clock where nobody knows me except 2-3 people my kind of people… he sits and talks on a coffee show and I watch the same show on the TV boozing on my sofa… He spends on buying a cruise and I just fight with the shopkeepers for 2 rupees… In short, he is everything anyone would want to be, I am zero where nobody likes to even spit.”

But I say everyone has same the amount of talent, energy and time to become anything he/she would choose to. We just need to take our step towards those big dreams.

Okay, now you believe me that I talked to God and had this discussion? No matter, you believe me or not but do believe in yourself, trust your instinct, create chances, bake your kind of pie and show it to yourself that you are something, you are everything!

Now, I admit I just had some energy drink named ‘Monster’; so little high and I am listening song ‘Fire Escape by Foster the People’ (Do listen to it, great song) repeatedly while writing this post.

Bye, Bye… Keep Reading, Keep Humming. Chao!

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