My Idea of Being in love: Janmashtami Special

I don’t know why I am really fond of God Krishna and whenever I think it gives me more power and more freedom to rectify my understanding about love. I have read few articles and news about suicide cases in love. Today is Janmashtami and I decided to write this blog on this crucial topic. Hope you will like it.

One great personality said once-

“Love someone to inspire yourself, not to hate yourself.”

Being in Love

And that great personality is ‘Me’. Don’t worry, I am not here to brag about a sad or happy ending love story or to put some ‘Love-Gyan1 in your basket. In fact, I consider myself as an amateur in this matter and I could surely say nobody can call themselves an expert either. I have been in love before and I admittedly, can say I am in love now. Even though, there are millions of articles, scientific researches, stories and movies existed on love but still, it’s a mystery to everyone. It’s because, I guess, it’s related to our emotions and emotions get involved with our behavior, thinking, living style, fun, compliments, complaints, sharing and life in the respective order. And then, it ultimately achieves to meet our soul. You see this is a process and a really long one. So, while going through this path, somewhere in the middle, we lose the real meaning of love, we lose track and get lost.

Remember the first time you start to have feelings for someone and you do all those unusual but exciting things. Like, every time you see him/her coming to your way without even noticing you, your heart bumps a bit high. Then you find each other coincidentally or intentionally, you both poster your flawless smile by continuously staring at each other until one gives a vague response or you both cross each other. You both just finished a long hour talk over phone but after the call, suddenly you start missing one and can’t stop thinking about him/her whole day. Remember those letters you’ve written, some posted, some not, but you still keep those words safe with your personal cum secret diary.

Few people do some crazy things also especially after getting rejected or broken up. Like, they imprint their lover name on the arm with a knife to prove their love. Few takes even higher step. After 2 or 3 years, when you think about the past, you laugh at yourself and say

“What kind of fool I was, back then!”

I say you were not fool, you were in love. And as they say, in love, either everything you do is crazy or nothing is crazy. I know, I know, you will say

Dude, that was crazy and in most of the cases, they were not even in love. Those feeling, under which they did those psycho stuffs, were actually infatuation.

I completely agree with you. But you’ll have to admit that infatuation is a step, probably first step, of love. They react to those feeling according to their understanding but little harsh to themselves irrespective of any age.

My idea of being in love is to define self, to exuberate in the possibility of being with her, to release the insecure feeling about her leaving with someone else, to express all those special words no matter what she thinks about me, to stay calm till I get my dream which somehow connects with her also, to have a naïve cry, mature attitude in case she goes away and to look at her whole life holding hands forever if she comes with me. If any of these ideas sank then I am afraid that the essence of love will lose. So, lose yourself, don’t be shy, don’t be scared to express. Love is to live happily, not to die in despair.

Love Lessons1

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