‘I Want to Buy a Car’: Talk With My Girlfriend

I want to buy a Car

I was having a discussion with this pretty girl who is supposedly my imaginary girlfriend. Yeah, it’s true. She comes everyday from my stupid mind and we always have long talk over millions of topic. Not to mention, she is so beautiful and always wears a blushing twinkle smile on her face while talking; so our conversation never gets so heated.

Discussion was more like an argument. It started with my idea that,

“I want to buy a Car!”

First, she looked at me for while by expecting me to say it’s a joke but when she realized I was serious about it, she said

“Are you serious? Did you even think before you say this?”

“Honestly, I didn’t. I just want a car; so I said it.”

“Okay honey, It’s easy to say anything than actually buying the car! You understand?”

“No! I don’t understand why not it’s as easy as talking?”

“Okay, let me clear this. First, you don’t have enough money to even buy a Nano and second, you don’t have a job to save some money so one day you would go for it. It’s not easy like talking about it.”

“ee…argh… Who wants to buy a Nano! I want Nissan… Nissan Micra. That’s my favorite one!”

“Nissan… Nissan Micra… Is that what you are thinking? See honey, I love you but you are talking non-sense. The price starts with 4.7 lakhs and looking to your current savings, you don’t have enough money to buy even a fourth hand model for the same.”

“Okay, I agree with you that I don’t have money to buy any car. But it doesn’t mean I can’t think about. I want the car and same Nissan model in orange colour. It was always my dream and I want it as soon as I can.”

“Hmmm… So, why Nissan Micra, why not audi or Volkswagen or any sports car?”

“I told you it was always my dream. I don’t want to buy those big luxurious cars. I don’t even know what those look like. I just saw a Nissan Ad at my younger age and I liked it. So, I just want to buy it soon!”

“But how? How will you, without any money?”

“Why are so concerned about money?”

She made the face showing absurdness on my senseless talk.

“Are you trying to tell that you want to rob someone or steal?”

“Nooo…. Oh… I just said I want to buy. From where robbing and stealing are coming?”

“I don’t understand you. Can you please be little more clear and tell what’s going on in your mind?”

She almost shouted. She had this big brown eyes staring at me with little upset and sour look. She gave a caress on her brown hair pushed behind her ear by her left fingers. She looked gorgeous in the sunlight coming from half open window. I saw her before replying and I had just one thing in my mind,

“Oh God, I love this look!”

So for almost one hour, I explained what exactly I wanted and at the end, she hugged me by putting her arm around me. She kissed me on my left cheek, smiled while her eyes were moving away till the distance four inch from my eyes and said,

“Awww… Now I really want you to buy this car!”

And that’s how, our big discussion turned into lovable and sweetest talk. Ohh.. I am sorry! Did I forget to tell you what exactly I told her? Okay, I said,

“When I was a kid, whatever I wanted I never had those things; because I never asked for it. Instead, I always went with the things what they chose for me. Of course, most of the chosen stuffs were great but I always regret that I never gave my opinion on choosing anything especially for me. It was not like they never asked for my thoughts but I limited my thinking and believed on what I am getting. No matter whether it was some physical things or life path. I dreamed, dreamed and dreamed but never said those things to anyone. I went with the flow with selected way. I never cared about my priorities. At the end, my dreams went big but my desires died. Now that I started looking forward for my and only my future, these all desires started whispering at every corner of my mind and enchanting for a novel me. Yes, I wanted the car and I will buy it.”

So people, do dream, inhale and care for your wish. Find what you always wanted, It could be anything a car/a boat/your love/dream house. And you start putting effort now to get it. Believe me, once you start doing this you will feel the change around you and you will be really happy even in the worse situation; because you would know that at the end, it’s your wish only which will come true!

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