A thought for the day: Two

Under the belly of some transient thoughts when I glance for new fickle I always end up pouring repeated words disguising my ability to convert some written piece of papers into an astonishing story. I feel disgraceful. Then I close my eyes, look over the sky filled with past and I see her. Under the shadow of colorful rainbow, those talking eyes pamper my brain to root for new moon. I whisper the sensation and finish up by murmuring the magnifying tale. Now, I am under the impression of happenings, I am under the impression of chauvinism, I am under the impression of the boulevard of Maryland, I am under the impression of her charismatic glimpse. She still inspires me! Journey continues!


One thought on “A thought for the day: Two

  1. […] Huh… I missed that walk; I miss the 4 o’clock Tulsi-Ginger tea; I miss my photographic quick-memory, I missed musical numbers and I missed reading multiple inspirational quotes. But in all those times, I walked to see some known faces so that I could smile, wave, say ‘hi’ and maybe, talk for a while. But today was different. I was not thinking or expecting to see any recognized faces to approach me and smile at me. That part is over. Only thing is left now is my thoughts. […]


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