A thought for the day: Three

The Prediction Game: Reader or Writer

You all would have done this at some point of your life. When you begin to read some story/novel suddenly your abysmal taste of sense activated. You try to envision what protagonist would look like. The insight of surroundings change according to how you render the big picture; doesn’t matter how mist your thought would be. Your sore but relentless wisdom gives the background score to the atmosphere where the characters belong. You understand the view of exact place what is written with chirpy words collection in the book. Sometimes you become the character to touch the momentous steam. And then, without even realizing, another tale is started to build by itself inside you. You can’t help it but to anticipate the happenings, challenge your perceptiveness in a tune of recent incidents occurred in the tale. And if everything goes in the book according to reader’s expectation then writer fails. How bizarre is this, after all the details were provided for the reader by narrator to imagine the unimaginative! Does the author really fail?

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