Be careful what you wish for: Just an expression!

Challenge what we face every second in our life. Acceptance we need to render every moment. Is it the same country I am in? What is this city? Big house, funny people… oh a lot of people, the hell of traffic, whoa cars…. Oh… that’s Lamborghini, busy flyovers, the bars, the chit-chat… Oh were you talking to me, the champagne, crazy biker gangs, wow big posters!

Isn’t it the same city I always wish for?

What is this place? Looks like, it has lots of branded shops; the McD, Pizza Hut, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Chroma,… So many! The people look so fancy! Seriously, what is this place?

“Dude, it’s just a mall. It has everything. Whatever you want to buy, you can buy here.”


Oh yeah? That’s nice! Thanks for pinching an info, my inner voice! By the way, I didn’t see anything like this in my city. Let’s go inside to have a closer view of every single shop.

“Excuse me sir, you have to walk through this wooden door.”

Oh, watchmen as security person are here? That’s good! Why do I need to go through this weird wooden door? Oh… what is this sound? Oh, that’s for the security check. Now I get it. Whoa, this place is really a giant one. Is that a moving stair? Wow, this place is technically advanced!

“Chill out dude, it’s common here. Don’t be so excited. You are embarrassing me!” Oh here comes my inner voice again.

I embarrassed you? Oh shut up, you moron, fake, dumb, skinny voice! I don’t believe it. He lives in me and he’s talking like he rules on me!

Hmmm, they have movie theatres as well and not just one, more like seven screens. Oh wow, that’s some number of screens in one place! But where can I find the bookstore here? Whom can I ask… Whom can I ask? Not this guy, I don’t think he will speak even in English. Oh my god, what a sexy girl, cute and sexy at the same time!

Oh good, nobody heard me. Why are my eyes still following her?

Find a bookstore, you lusty watcher!

Oh… this is going out of my hand. I can’t keep my eyes away from her. Should I talk to her?

“Dude, you can start by asking about the bookstore?”

Finally, you’ve got some good idea in your pocket! Okay, no need to panic. Just relax. You can start with ‘excuse me’. It’s simple. Oh no, no, no, no, no… She is with some guy. Seriously, this guy! Huh! Maybe he could be his brother. But I can’t talk to her, now. the chance has gone. This guy looks okay. I should ask him about the store.

“Aannn, excuse me! Do you know where the bookstore is?”

Okay, he is saying something. At least, I can see his moving lips but I don’t understand him, not a single word. Oh… he is speaking in Kannada!

Gibberish Alert… Gibberish Alert… Gibberish Alert!

Don’t look at him directly. Just keep moving your head like ‘you understand’. Oh, he is pointing his hand to some direction. There it is, the big bookstore. Why couldn’t I see it earlier?

“Oh thanks! It’s really nice talking to you!”

So, here I am in the middle of this store at a fiction section. Yeah, this is the book I was looking for. Jeffrey Archer’s Be Careful What You wish for!


Now I am relieved from all this tension to adapt in this new city. I cannot let my mind deviate on all those fancy stuff. Aha, Books talk better!

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