My Own Bubble, My World: Did I Reenact or Relive?

It was a day, 10 o’clock in the morning I woke up at the corner of bed but still felt unconscious and low about day. I remember the last night a small disappointing mail and I replied to that at almost 2 am. While carrying some crazy thoughts I also remember the ‘what to do tomorrow’ list I made and the theatre was the first one on the chart. I was already late for the session and my mood was swinging from ‘need more nap’ to ‘denial to go’. Then on second thought I voiced,

“Better late than never!”

And it was perfect answer for last night question what I asked myself after the mail. I had my face washed up and without breakfast I ran for the bus.

It was a mixed up session of being calm as breathing in-breathing out with little exercise, playing mirror game as being crazy and reflecting craziness and sharing little thoughts about the whole session.

We played the Bubble Game

It started with artistic director of My theater group Yours Truly Theatre, Nandini’s typical out of the box game where she urged for creating our own bubble and reenact or relive it! Here’s how I created my limbo:

When I woke up in this limbo I saw the spherical shell made of the thick white threads binding the perimeter of this sphere. It was little cold out there but not so darkish; because of few white rays passing in between of threads. The upper curve of the box was shining like a sunshine coming behind the clouds. It seemed the place had a real flourishing light up on the sky and outside of this shell felt much-much brighter than I could think of. Curiosity triggered my dwelling idea of touching the white rays. I carried my hand near to the periphery of the shell. Amazingly, the rays tried to sync up with my nerves. I took off my arm quickly. That’s when I noticed the colour of my skin. I had green colored palm with only two fingers on it: one was the thumb and another was much thicker one. My whole body was green which was unusual and cold but I let myself out from this enigma soon.

I tried to push those white threads but no matter how harder I was trying it was coming back to its shape. I collected my hands and my head and pushed harder against wall made of threads and rays. The rays were started circulating through my nerves and the whole body begun to change its color to white. Finally, I could able to broke a hole and come out of that slit. It was brightening all where as I expected and I could able to open my eyes full. Somehow, I managed to come out of shell and in the mean time, my eyes adjusted to light. I was so happy and on full of excitement. My body was turned into white and glowing now but I didn’t care; because everywhere was white and reflecting rays of hope. I ran around my bubble chuckling. The ground was white with many visible lines through which lights were passing. I placed my hand just above my eyes to have a clear view of this place where nothing I could find, except the white ground meeting with blue sky. I smiled. I was keen on deciding where to go because this world seems to be my world!

Now, You could anticipate my answer about the final question of the day

“Did I reenact or relive?”

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