First Day in Office

First day in an office is always special for anyone, irrespective of what kind of job they are in or how many companies or professions they have changed. It’s always new team, new people, new place, new environment, new office, new tricks, new work (mostly), new politics (wink), new ethics, new rules, etc, etc, etc! It’s always hard to explain what and how you feel after spending your first day.

“Dude, you are frustrating me. First of all, stop saying ‘First day’. What’s the big deal about it? You are not the only one who has ‘experienced’ it. Many people have gone through this particular day. So, stop bragging about it!”

…. Ohhoo, I don’t know how to deal with this inner conflict of me. He’s always like this – you know ‘emotionless’. Moving on, when I came across the particular ‘question mark’ what was asked by my newly appointed lead inside the small conference room with a round table placed almost at the center, I was more on thinking about from where I should start. It was just the middle of my first day and I was still in the process to understand my job description. The day was gone quite well with one more new face intro like me, an annoying CPU fan sound coming from my team-mate’s system, two cup of tea/coffee per day routine, the ‘unacceptability on this step’ call yet found ‘the reason to smile’; because It finally what I dreamt of, the birthday celebration program, the cake, the cold drinks, the Samosas, the jokes, the chuckles, the laughter and at last but not the least, the belonging! And when I came out from the office building at the end of the day, the raindrops fell on my arm in the breezy weather and I looked across the sky filled with few clouds through the space among the leaves of the trees. Suddenly, I realized I should share this with someone. Oh, I missed her!

“Dude, chill out! It was just the first day. Don’t you think you are taking it too much! It was just a normal day. And you are in Bangalore where everyday is almost same as ‘breezy weather’. So, do not take it as a ‘sign’! Stupid!”

Yes, sometimes he is right. I am stupid. So talking about the first day I came across with some funny facts. Let’s chant it out:

1) New Kid in the Unheard Town: There will be some bizarre sense of awkwardness with excitement going through your nerve when you join a new office. You look around to your cubicle and try to smile when someone looks at you but he/she immediately keeps his/her eyes off from you.

Who the hell is he?

And he/she keeps staring at you in proper interval of time until manager or lead introduces you to him/her.

If new joinee is a girl then the people – only boys, reaction will be exactly opposite.

Wow, someone has joined today!

And all colleagues will have tea session and lunch meeting to have a fuss about the new girl.

Hey, do you know some new girl has joined today?

Yeah man, I just went pass by her. She will be in Suresh’s team.

Ohhhoo Suresh, Lucky man, Ah huh!

And talk goes on and Instead of directly meeting her they will blabber all assumptions they could make. Even, they will come up with some sign-language for denoting her name in the talk as well in the same meet.

2) Seat Placing Mind-Boggler: So, after introduction to your lead, he/she will try to find out a proper cubicle corner with well working computer. He would go cubicle after cubicle to look for where exactly you can sit and you, of course, would be following him/her.

Hey, this place is empty. Anyone’s here?

No, Mutthu sits here and I think he will come after lunch!

Ok, but in the third cubicle, one system is free. That was fine, right?

Oh no, no, that system is not working properly. We have called the repair team but I don’t when they will be responding. Seems like, they are lot more busy than us. I think, one place is free in mahima’s cubicle. But the equipments are all kept separated from switch board.

Ok, ok, that will work I guess, Thanks Veenu!

And then your first day will start by plugging all the wire into the switch board and arranging those to the exact port. After 15 minutes of continuous, sweaty work with few help from your neighbor you could finally succeed to start the system but there could be a possibility that place could be changed on the very next day.

3) Oh Exasperated Well Rehearsed Intro: If you are lucky enough to have talk with many people you will be very annoyed by answering same copy of your intro to different people.

Didn’t I say it louder earlier? Okay, what’s the harm in telling one more time!

Oh again! This is not a joke!

Oh no, I just said it. Give me a break!

Oh God, save me now. Fourteenth times in a row!

You also get the chance to know about few of your colleagues but at the end of the day, you will forget 75 percent of names; yeah 100 percent record in remembering when it’s a girl name.

4) Jingle for Every Bubble that Pops-Up: You are new, you are fresh, you are ready to swoop for any kind of work that is given to you and you are supremely excited. You seem to hear every instruction like an obedient ape even when someone is telling the thing you already know.

After all this, you have the first time inhibition to ask anyone to help you once you get stuck at somewhere. You try to hear the laughter what’s coming from the nearest cubicle. You don’t understand when everyone from neighborhood suddenly walks off to have sweets distributed by some employee on their special occasion and once you get to know then you don’t know how you can go and take sweets until someone invites you join. You try to control your emotion because you think what if something goes wrong and that make your impression bad for the rest of your job period. Because you are told that first impression is last impression.

But I say, do not confine yourself in some mannerism boundary. Break every inhibition you arise inside you. Try to mingle with people when needed. Smile. Do not think that something from the first day would go against you because of the large politics involve inside the wall of the office. Smile even though no one cares. Be like, you belong there. Be yourself!

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