Last Day in the Office


Recently, I have posted ‘First Day in Office’ and very few of friends know that I quit as a mechanical engineer to become a ‘Writer’. After four months, I finally got something which is nice and I think now that I can go somewhere from here. This post is about the last day mail what I have mailed everyone within company and this is the very first starting point where this ‘dream-run’ started. It was bit of shock for few of my colleagues; because I tried to keep things normal till the last day in which I succeeded. I also wrote one poem on this, you can click here to have a look. So, here is last day mail what I wrote:

Note: I have replaced company name and city name by some general keywords.

Title: Journey to be Nothing

Another last day mail, trash it if you don’t want to read or too busy to read.

First Job: I had no idea that my first job will be with this particular company although, I never thought of myself as a capable guy to do anything; especially when we talk about college, you all know how well we all were in our college days; of course, some exceptions are everywhere. It was my first job and now I am leaving, so there could be emotional moment and usually some would say that they will never forget the experience as a fresher what they get from here and the campus, the team, office environment, talk, laugh, birthday party celebration, project party celebration (on your expenses), BFFs, ‘sweets on my desk’ moment, final delivery night, crying over hike/promotion/onsite opportunity and many more good memories which by the way, all were part of my journey of almost 2.8 years.

Happenings: I have seen people crying over marks in training even though they passed the barrier: I wanted to ask, ‘seriously, why?’ I have heard people cursing company for not giving enough salary or hike or bonus and I was like stranger from all this talk in I-don’t-care attitude. I have observed those smiling faces on their b’day cake cutting celebration and later, they were worried about how much they could spend for party. I have been part of the group working on late night delivery and ordering pizzas what I hated (late night stay). I have seen crazy people, lazy people, late to work (usually me) people, committed to work people, workaholic people (different from passionate for work), always smiling people, ruthless talking people, I-have-no-idea-what-you-are-talking-about people, very shy to talk (even to say ‘hi’) people, fashion people, Everyday-same-look people, sleepy people, smiling people. I guess you would have already categorized me during the above read!

Future plan: When people asked me what next plan, the only answer I could give them is ‘No plan’. Believe me people if I say this it really means I really don’t know and I am not trying to hide anything. Few of you had complaint that I am not communicative and I always give the neutral response whenever I was asked about what I really want. You were disappointed in me and also some had the feel of anger why I was trying to act so smart. Trust me there is no secret, no lie and no conspiracy whatsoever behind my any words. Now you all can say that my future would be uncertain and blurred for now. By the way, only thing I am certain about the decision to quit from here. I don’t have any regret.

Opportunity and Dream: Sometimes, I am forced to think that the whole universe actually wanted me to come to this city and especially in this Company. Reason, I could think of many. In my college days, the activity I had been doing so passionately I found it here. Series of poems in poetry clubStreet play: still wondering just did yesterday, Mime: which I always wanted to try in my college but couldn’t, MadAd: Sweet memoirs of parody/spoof/originality, Movie: my childhood love and lucky to have an experience how it’s actually done. There were some unfinished project I have started and I regret that I couldn’t complete it during my tenure in here no matter what’s the reason behind it. Good news is that I am not leaving this city until everything will be done. Forgot to talk about Dance; Although, I did come only like 4-5 times for dance practice but whole session was so much enthusiastic and had synergy. In just 2-3 meeting I became not only member but the part of the family (so dramatic word but suits here). I really feel unlucky that I couldn’t continue till the show.

Final words: The whole journey of this company what I described now, for me it’s not enough. I could write a whole book because I remember many things from my day one to day 1032nd, few incidents with date also. I have not taken any names to thank who has been part of my journey, coz I have so many names to tell and each name deserves a chapter. It’s high time for me to shift my thinking from I-don’t-know to I-want-this. Transition phase will always give you hard time but I can’t postpone further. It’s time for me to face it, shake it and make it. Deep down, somehow I know I could. As far as if you concern about my availability, you can reach out to me on same id, same address, same number.


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