It’s confirmed: She is Waiting for You!

Girl is very busy and exhausted

Recently, I have written a hard and truthful but also a sad one-sided love story (enigma). So, just to make a balance It’s happy ending Love story I narrated. Hope you will like it!

It’s started when I was in my teenage years. You know how it is to be like one. That is the time when we begin to look around the world with more consciousness. Our inner feeling gets shrinked to zone for any of the new experiences. We started to go out of our home very often, choose our friend, spend more time, select our path, make future plans, feel responsible, enjoy the part of life, get attracted to someone special, distracted from everything else, first love, sleeping disorder, exam-phobia, get scared of being failed still daydream about her, rejected, dejected, cry over silly things, laugh on the cheapest joke and many more.

It was an evening of the beautiful autumn month. But for me, that day was malicious paint of blue. I was running, running very hard on the road within the 2 feet wide lane, passing through those big-big buildings and the crowd which made me sad. My eyes were all red and I was about to cross the end of the town. I was in the middle of the jungle and still walking fast with the cramp on my left leg. There was a river after the last Banyan tree. I didn’t know after reaching there where I would go. I just wanted to go far-far away from her. I walked inside the river till the water level was up to my knees. I stopped and started crying like a little kid. This was the perfect place to be alone; because no one was peeking.

It was surprisingly a cloudy day. Oh, I forgot to tell you during the weepy time, autumn, winter and summer had passed. I started to hate her. but I hate myself more for being fooled for being in love so blindly.

The water was so calm that I could see my reflection on it. I could see images of the cloud which started whirling just above my head so the water around me. I was confused and a little frightened. The darkness was spreading all over the place and all those grey clouds turned into black. I wanted to move my leg but I couldn’t in panic.

I tried more and more but the breezy wind from all the directions didn’t let me move a bit. There was nothing seemed to be working. Suddenly a ‘tip’ sound came like a pebble was dropped in the river. I blinked and everything was normal with the sparkling sun in the sky. I looked down and the water was still again. I was relaxed but suddenly got a spark through my nerves by looking at my image. It was a reflection of some girl appearing just behind me. I wasn’t sure if there was actually anyone around me. So, my mind decided to look scared but talk neat. But before I could ask her anything, she smiled and said, with her green glittering eyes:

“Hey, don’t be scared!” I, on a boulevard of finding the mystery behind this supernatural event, asked then,

“Who are you?” Yes, I did ask but my voice had collapsed in my throat.

“What’s the point of telling? You won’t believe me anyway.”

“You can try.”

“No, I don’t want to. I know you won’t believe. But trust me I am not going to harm you.”

The trust factor seemed to be the second reason for my stay. The first reason was that she looked so beautiful with her open silky long hair covering her left shoulder. However, I was still in unacceptance of the recent unusual events.

“At least, tell me why are you here?”

“Why am I here… Ummm… As far as I know that I am here for you. I know you are dumped by your girlfriend. From that day you were running away from this world. You do not let anyone coming in your life, not even for a moment. And now you are tired, and angry. You are confused and sad for almost a year. And it was all because of that one girl who you loved more than your life. She ditched you and your dream collapsed? Your mind was too cramped to find the possibility of being in love again. After these many months, living in a scar of sadness, you still have no idea what to do next!”

“Okay. One more question. How do you know me?”

She chuckled, she chuckled in a sweet teasing way. She said.

“Because I am the girl who will be meeting you in the future and you will spend rest of your life with me.”

By hearing all those words, my head was rolling in a bit of wonderfulness of this dream or incident. And I started to look at her face even more carefully. She had this wonderful smile which I would never forget. All the frightening moments were clogged out instantly. She continued.

“Yes, it’s true. You won’t believe me? Fine. You will see yourself… Why I came here?… I just wanted to tell you that there is no end of the world if you are rejected or failed. I know how it feels to be heartbroken but it doesn’t mean that you should start doubting about every relationship. You should not confine yourself to you. There is always one thing which is more important than your desire in this world. It’s you. No matter how many times you broke or tired but if you are alive then you can always come back, you can re-create your dream. Do not shut any door of opportunity…. I think I have given too ‘philosophical’ statement, although I am not exactly like this. So, if you can’t connect with what I have said and still depressed then only one thing you can always remember that I am waiting for you in future.”

And the small wave in the water occurred and her face vanished. I looked up in the sky. The clouds were now flying away. I was in the middle of traffic, sitting on this bus, watching this guy in Hanuman costume with a mace placed on his right shoulder and held tightly by his right palm. He saw me and smiled like he knew everything. I grinned; because I was confirmed!

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