Must Get ‘The Humming Bird’


Oh there it is. That’s the Humming Bird I wanted to look closely and, if I would be well enough then, I could fly with it and hum some songs.

But wait a minute! What’s wrong?

I don’t know. I feel like that from all those black-painted neighborhoods, everyone is peeking and once I get start to walk for the top of the hill then, I am afraid, they will whisper in an annoying sound to demolish my blunt soul that still needs to be perfect.

So what do I do? Should I vanish myself; because somewhere I get this idea that if you want to resonate your vibe to let yourself free from this world and not to be victimized of their well-sharped sword then you have to cross this lane without notifying any of them – because if they would know then they will tell you what to do, not to do, this to do, that to do and how to do! Basically they will confuse you.

But the problem still remains – what to do?

Yeah, definitely vanishing idea won’t work.

Oh do not drop a tear, my friend. There is no need for that. You will have to keep it safe with you because you are going to need it while blooming your heart to Humming Bird. The only thing you need to do is ‘Ignore’, ignore everyone that comes in your way. I know it’s not easy but if you waste your time by fighting with them then, to tell you the truth my friend, you will be fighting forever and you might forget about what Humming Bird is! So, Drop your fist to your side, eye on the bird and whistle for the ride!

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