Have you found ‘The One’


People ask me sometimes how we know we found ‘The One’. I would say that there is no trick behind. It just happens. You want to know how:

When you think of someone in your own make up story you try to generate a perfect moment, a perfect place, a perfect talk and you know what exactly you want to say to your special one. You can change the dialogue according to the self-created situation. You imagine what his/her reaction would be. You rehearse the whole incident with proper conviction. Then you tap your back and say to yourself ‘Good Job’; because you are convinced that in reality, this incident wouldn’t be as perfect as your dream.

But that day was no less than perfect. It was me and her. I spoke what exactly I wanted to speak and she voiced what exactly I imagined she would say. It was all according to the plan. On that day, we smiled, talked, chuckled, walked and shared some untouchable moments. I found the one and she is perfect!

And that’s how you would know that you found ‘The One’ where there is no weirdness, no awkwardness and no ignorance of little things that, you believe, is out of context! There is no high heart beating, in fact, you would be feeling calmer than you ever were. You just have to relax and wait. That perfect happening would eventually come. Keep your eyes open!

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