I Stopped Wearing Watch: A Totem


It’s been quite a hectic hour in my office. I mean networks are down and we, the smart world people who depend a lot on internet, out of the habitual attitude, are bringing small-small pieces of stories to keep our enthusiasm up for today. We are waiting.

Lately, I had been feeling headache while coming home from office. It was really aching and I felt like do nothing but sleep which I always want to postpone for next hour. Because I think if I sleep I would be missing some of the greatest moment of sharing. So, less sleeping, more disorder, high pain and no concentration. I had to find a way to become more active in social as well as my professional life. When I deeply thought about it then I noticed that whenever I come home from office first thing I do is to put off my watch. After that I feel relaxed. It was really interesting how one small thing disconnects my mind from all the work-related stuff. It was more like ‘at home’ feel I could say. I thought I should try this at my office to face every work just like I deal at home.

So, from the next day, after coming to office first thing I started doing was put off my watch on my desk.

I stopped wearing watch at home

Results were unexpectedly good. I was more focused, more productive and happier. The free spirit’s ruling the hours. I could talk so easy from casual to professional with a dip of intentional rookie lines. In short, everything was going well. Until one day, the headache started again. And it was more painful than last time. This time, it was happening during my work time. Whole day my head was swinging like some giant group of demons had grabbed it so hard and I couldn’t pluck them away. My concentration was badly disrupted and average production hour got reduced.

Oh, I think the servers are up again. Playing time is over and everyone went back to work. Ahh.. Need to write at least three stories for the day. But I think I can take little more time to finish it. Continuing…

On the same night, I closed my eyes for the early sleep (very rare for my kind of nocturnal person) but the headache was not letting me. Also, the generator noise (everyday) from my neighbors kept irritating me. And all those daydreaming pictures were sliding through my brain. I needed a silent place to sleep but I was not getting it. I put my face against the pillow and shout it through until my eyes were filled up with tears. I took my right fist and hit the pillow harder and harder.

I felt little lighter after few moments. Suddenly, I experienced complete silence; not a single sound at all. I looked around my room which was covered up in dark. The curtain which was hiding the glass slider window, was floating with the air coming through. I looked at my watch. It was after midnight. The song ‘I am not in love – 10CC’ was started playing on my laptop. Surprisingly, instead of being confused or scared I was enjoying; because my headache was gone.

On that day, I discovered a theory for myself. You see, to separate your professional life from your personal life you need to have a totem, fixed by you, Just like the movie Inception. It means depending on the functionality of totem you can actually set your mode of the day. The totem could be anything. For me, it was the watch.

Now, the question is why do we need it? I have seen lot of people who’s going to work, bringing work at home, home at work and in short, mix things up. It makes their whole day complicated and when they try to deal with two things at the same time that ultimately haunt them and make their life miserable. The problem could be anything. It could be health problem, relationship problem, family problem, work failure, business loss and many more. So, my simple idea is to set or define your totem to make the boundary. Be happy at work, be happy at home!

Oh no, this blog took too much time and now, my lead is staring at me with her big eyes because I have not even started with reading the materials to write. Time to begin!

Bye Bye, Ciao and See you soon here!

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