IT Company Profiles: Keep it Simple


Greetings People!

These days I have been working on so many IT news and for that I have to go through many company’s profile. I was actually frustrated by looking at those sites. I mean the web pages are really good, some of them are awe-appealing but the content what they write is, sometimes I feel, boring.

When you look into any of those companies’ profile you will get nothing but a bunch of repeated keywords.

Leading, Most Efficient, Best, Effective, Challenges, Integrity, Talent, Management, Services, Solution and last but not the least Innovation

I know they write these words to showcase how much they are different from their competitors but in order to highlight their uniqueness all companies have been using the same terminologies that makes the reader feel like same profile.

In my childhood, when I heard about the word ‘Innovation’ I used to imagine about something out of the world, a novel thing. But today, at every single small update in the products they call it ‘Innovative’ and ‘Creative’. I know I sound like stupid and also I am making a big deal out of it. But I can’t able to digest that the ‘Innovative’ word about which I was fascinated so much became so small in current world. It becomes a common keyword that anyone can use anywhere for anything.

To be very honest, I am not much kind of a technical guy. So, I look at those sites with a complete I-have-no-idea-what-it-is knowledge. I research about the company profile, their products and especially what it does and then I have to make a story out of it. Sometimes, I stuck among their used keywords. I can’t able to find out what that particular company actually does.

“We provide leading, qualified services and solutions that deliver high-quality performance with most innovative, efficient, effective methodology.”

I feel like they are trying too much to convince their customer by using all fancy words that their products are the best. Why can’t they simply write:

This is us

                This is our product

                                                                And this is what we do

It’s that simple. But they can’t because of the throat-cutting competition. And I hate to say that

The more we use technology to simplify our task, higher the complexity we are facing to be connected with that technology.

Some company keeps it simple and believe me, they are popular as well as successful.

Okay. See you in the next blog! Bye Bye!

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