Having an Inspiration, a Dilemma!

From the last few posts, I have been writing only about my stuff, pain, happiness, etc, etc and etc. So selfish as well as too self-centric! Without giving you much hope about providing something different I would like to disappoint you again.

Again, I will be talking about myself. Yes, yes, I could guess all your comments like this:

Dude, stop this non-sense dude!

Hey, this guy, man. I don’t know what’s going with him? Talking blah-blah all the time

Ohhh.. Not again… I am unsubscribing, right now! No more mail to my ID, Okay?

All mind-boggling, thoughtful comments are welcome.

As the title suggests, this is the theory I would want to discover in me. You ask, why? Because, I want to liberate myself from any kind of outer-inspiration, you see, it never lasts forever. No matter, how honestly you believe on those small-small things what make you happy, give you direction, keep you on the edge for target and fill some kind of unexplained adrenaline rush inside your body.

But when it’s gone, you are lost. You suddenly start following all those life-rules because you don’t know what else to do. Your passion tears down into your nagging thoughts. Every now and then, the world seems to distract you. There will be no uniformity in your life; remember when you are so inspired and working hard, even though everything looks so unorganized you still knew somehow that you are in the right direction.

When inspiration is gone

You will never feel high while doing your work what you always love

You will need to get booze to motivate yourself and still end up in the bed, day-dreaming

Your plans and goals all will vanish in the long, dark tunnel

The sticky notes what you stamped over the wall will keep on increasing in numbers and you will never be in the position to finish any of those work.

After all, you will be frustrated. You’ll wipe out everything from your table and begin to cry aloud, leading you to the next stage called depression. After hours of shouting and hurting yourself, you will be found at the corner of the room with drenched eyes talking to yourself. Eventually, you become stoic. Suddenly one message pops up from the same person what you define as ‘your inspiration’ and surprisingly, you don’t react. You don’t react at all. Because, your whole belief system is tarnished and demolished. You become the ‘Joker’ of this world who owns nothing, works nothing, talks nothing and lives for nothing!

Are these circumstances familiar? Am I making some sense?

If no, then my friend, I would reckon that worse is yet to come for you. Be prepared!

If yes, then what could be the possible and painless solution? I would say instead of making someone else inspiration for your initiative, give yourself credit for achieving what you did. Make yourself stronger, an inspiration, be your own hero!

On the last note, I should tell you that I am still struggling to adopt this theory. I hope someday I would. Anyways, It’s 2 o’clock after midnight now and I should sleep otherwise I would be late to join tomorrow’s rat-race!

Well, you don’t have to go anywhere else if you want to read more. Keep Reading Keep Humming!

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