5 Kinds of Adviser in the World

If you feel offended after reading this blog then I am definitely talking about you. Otherwise, enjoy reading!

Let me give you a little piece of Advice!

The famous quote what you’d have heard every now and then. And even though you were not at all interested to take any information they will overload your brain by filing up with their extra knowledge. In this little world, we people are so busy but we always try to grab all the chances to show how much brainy we are.

You see if you’d have done like that it could have been turned out this way!

If we categorize the people there will be five characters we would find:

  • Brainy Adviser: These people are so ‘intellectual’ and they call themselves as brainy. Either they will correct you or they will add completely non-relevant information into your head.

You know if you would have crossed more than 60 kph on the turn then due to lower bank angle and higher centrifugal force you could have slipped out of the road. That might have prevented you from the collision with truck.

Yeah, I wish you were there with me as my spiritual guide.

  • Foolish Adviser: As you can guess from the sub-heading that these people will have zero level intellectual but they will talk like they have already researched on that. They would sense some opportunity and hop right into the talk to provide their valuable information.

Uff.. oh.. You are talking bullshit. What if the truck was also turning with more than 60 speed then both the vehicles would be in one line which would result head-to-head collision, right?

Yeah, it was a head-to-head collision; only thing the speed was low. [I wish I could hit my head on your head!]

See… The truck speed must be 30 only.

Oh My God… That was brilliant. I missed you while riding.

  • Smart Adviser: These people won’t ever show your face after the accident. They like to experiment not on themselves but on others intentionally or unintentionally. They will share their views and encourage you to try.

No.. no.. no, no.. There are no trucks running on that road. Yeah I understand there are so many turns but that’s not highway! You can ride at whatever speed you like to. Only bikes run there!

  • Experienced Adviser: Usually these kinds of person meet you after everything happens. And they will give detailed description what you couldn’t even picture in your mind.

Ohh.. You should have told me, man. I had been there so many times. I should tell you those roads are dangerous, especially those 5 turns along with the mountain after meridian signal. You know it’s curvy. I too had an accident but luckily I was thrown to bushes and no harm was done. I came out like a baby!

While he was explaining all this you would be crying at your luck!

  • Genuine Adviser: This is the one who knows when to advice, what to advice and how to advice. They can be intelligent, smart or foolish. But fun-fact most of the times they are the one who becomes the victim.

People who are talking too much (I am also one of them) generally end up giving advises because as the technology advances, the connection becomes stronger but mental bonding weakens. The need of human such as interacting and sharing has not adapted with technology. Everyday they need someone to listen to their story. Providing information every now and then is rarely meant to harm you. Only thing we should follow is to listen.

Bye Bye. See you on the next post! 🙂

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