8-Hour-Writing-Challenge Ends Now


I took ‘8-Hours-Writing-Challenge’ today and I am happy to announce that I could able to pulled it off so nicely. From last eight hours, I have written 5 blogs including the announcement blog. Other four blogs are here:

You can check the link above if you want to. This challenge was set by me only where actually I wanted to write more diverse topic. But I end up posting only 4 genuine blogs which I can consider as an accomplishment.

As I promised on my blog ‘I Found my Root’ I will also provide the titles what will be posted in next few weeks. The order can be changed.

  • Friends in enchanted Lyrics
  • Why did I quit my job
  • A Naked World

I will try to be regular on posting (Usually Thursday). Hope you like today’s posts. I will make sure I will write on diverse range of topics.

Thank you for visiting!

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