Last Year, I Found my Root

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The New Year has come to add a new chapter with big hope, more colors, freshness, belief and a dream. It’s time to look back what I have accomplished, if not, then what learning I have taken back with me. But before that I will start with the declaration or oath I had taken at the beginning of last year. Below is the one I had written to myself:

From the past experience I stopped believing in friendship once; coz some of the friends suddenly stopped talking without good reason. I want them to know that I never want any of you to go away from my life and I tried to connect with you as much as I could. I talk to you, call you and give you chance to share our misunderstandings but you never did. You all left me no choice but to leave you in your own world. It happened to me last year and even before that.

On the other hand, I have found some of really good and clear thinking people who came into my life and be part of it just like wind. These all happenings made me believe again in sharing, talking, laughing and combining all that, friendship! I never ever want you people to lose. So, from this year my wish from you god “No more losing Friends”!

So, at the edge of 2014 question is raised “Did God grant my wish?

Yes, Indeed. In fact, I made more friends than any of my previous years. The best part is that I never really had to try. It happened not because I desperately wanted it; it’s because I opened up and let everyone come to my world and made them feel what they really were, no judgment, no hatred, no unnecessary ‘my-private-zone’ kind of block, no communication gap, no misunderstandings, never-say-No-in-friendship attitude and let them free! Soon, I will upload ‘Friends in Enchanted Lyrics’ on this.

Pulled the Trigger for the Major Changes

The last year begins with the champagne bottle opening in the silence with roar of bundle-some surprises from the future. I was on the way to change monotones of my life by putting more efforts to improve and reach for new comfort level. What surprised me was that I could say many things to a special friend that I always rooted inside my heart. I was strained from all directions and it was getting harder with time. I had to choose what I was neglecting from last 7 or 8 years. Among this hotchpotch, I was happy that I could manage to go out of town for my nephew’s birthday celebration. It was a surprise visit and he was so happy to see me. He didn’t let me go out of his sight for even one minute during the whole trip. I, with my loving sister and her family, went to the temple and cover the entire area including the cable car ride between the mountains. By the end of the evening, we celebrated my nephew’s b’day with cake cutting and gifts. I gave a batman toy to my nephew and an angry bird teddy for niece.

I don’t know what drove me to straw few drops of cherry into my life while everything was going awry. Maybe subconsciously I decided what I am going to do in the next few months.

Meanwhile, I continued writing my first journal (journey experience) chapter by chapter per day for the special friend of mine. Everyday I was sending one chapter through ‘WhatsApp’ even though I was so tied up with the whole trip, travelling and office pressure. On 8th of March, I completed it and dedicated the journal by calling her ‘a special one’ as well as ‘my inspiration’. At that point, I knew that I am definitely going to become a Writer. After one month I left my job and begin the new journey. I will write more details on my blog ‘Why did I quit my job?’ in few days or weeks.

Coincidence Melodrama

How do we define success? The definition of success will change with perspective. I believe that success lies in accomplishing small-small miles what you set for yourself.

I was about to finish my lunch and at the same time, I got a call from an unknown number. I picked up in hurry and among all the talks in behind I heard a voice who started by confirming my name. She kept on going, telling that we need to catch up a lot, Can we meet sometimes, where is my office etc. I stopped her by apologizing and asked who she was.

She said, “Oh, this is awkward!

Later I found that she was the same person on whom I wrote my first journal. I was so embarrassed.

The coincidence was that last night I was informed that one book came live on which I was among one of the poets. As soon as I received message and after promoting about the book on social sites, I wrote a mail to her. I literally wished that she could come online or on call so that I could tell her everything in-person. I should tell you that at that time she was out of country and she hardly came online or on mail. But also earlier, whenever I got some big news somehow she came online or reply to the mail. And there she was on the call. I was so happy. I shared the news with her and got to know that she was in the same town. What could be greater moment than that!

A Pure and Heart-Filled Tight Hug

We were standing on the stage when our artistic director announced the end of evening and let audience know that they are free to interact with actors for few minutes. As we let ourselves mix in the audience arena, one guy who is also my fellow actor but was not part of the show hugged me. Unexpectedly, the hug was so tight that I could feel his heart-beat. I was surprised and ecstatic. Immediately, he expressed that the kid I was playing who had to slap as well as physically hurt himself to show his anger, pain and fear against his parents, was so intriguing and well played. He really did relate to the character. I believe that it would be jaw-shaking scene when three kids sitting side-by-side hurt themselves in anger to metaphorically show the in-sensitiveness of those parents who brutally beat their child. It was a ‘feel good’ moment for me to get appreciated on a public show.

I remember the day when we went to perform for high school kids and after the show they are all so happy to have us there. They didn’t have food from the morning but still they watched the entire show and excitedly rushed to take our autographs like we were celebrities. These will be some unforgettable and take away moments for me on this year. I know there are lots of opportunities coming right on this year. And yes, bring it on, I am ready.

The Last Pitcher

I can think of many incidents in this year to talk about that meant a lot to me. If I am asked to express it in one line then I would say

Last year, I found out my Root!

Good thing is that from the beginning, after breaking the conventional barrier till now and even in future, I was not afraid, I am fearless and I will not be scared at all! I hope I could nourish it from the bottom of my heart.

This year, so many things I have to plan about my writing, career in the same field, theater and movie-making. Few things I can declare for now:

  • Will be more regular on the blog – Keep Reading Keep Humming & Poetry JukeBox; Every week atleast one post (probably every Thursday)
  • By July, I will try to complete first draft of My First Novel.
  • Finish reading at least 20 Novels this year because I am even more lazy in reading as well.
  • Yeah, of course I will try to read on wordpress as well. 🙂

Many plans I need to fix! I promise to myself: 2015 will be charismatically charming!

Soon, I will write the topics what I will be posting in future.

See You soon! 🙂

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