Miracle: Conversation between Mind and Heart

Heart (In Deep thinking mode)

Miracle does not just happen. It needs a reason to comply, amplify and simplify the possibility of desired outcome. You just flash the white light through your nerve and let every piece of you believe. Trust your instinct and keep working.


As we go theoretically, Miracle is nothing but the dilemma. When interconnected pieces of efforts create the wormhole in the space you experience a wonderful change in life while going through it.

Heart (with a smile)

Okay, we both are saying the same thing.


No, you are talking about luck factor. And I say it’s an addition of all small-small efforts.

Heart (Denial mode)

No I am talking about luck. I figured belief is the key for any miracle.


Huh? Belief means you are relying on uncertainty which leads to chances. Chances are correlated with luck.

Heart (Confused)

Okay. Let’s say you are right. But don’t you think that the desired outcome always seek for 1-2 percent chances; because you can’t take control on what other would do.

Mind (Confused but stubbornly)

Yes, you can! Don’t you know every entity or incidents even the wrong one will be defined in a mathematical term?

Heart (Confidently smiling)

Yes I know. But listen to yourself while talking. You said even the wrong incidents are connected. It means it goes for chance. Mathematics is nothing but the game of ‘If-Else’!

Mind (Thinks for a while, he can’t accept his defeat so easy. He considers himself more genius)

Okay big head! Let’s say it’s 1 percent of chance for the occurrence of any miracle but 99 percent of effort you can’t deny!

Heart (Smiling)

Of course you can’t ignore that. But I am saying the luck factor we should also consider which can change the possibility of winning.

Mind (It has no clue what it should say in argument)

But… But….

Heart (in teasing way)

Oh… look at you! The logical one is going to deal with emotions. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I know you are more brilliant than me and you save me from so many traumas. But you should also accept that every right answer what you approve can be wrong and wrong one can be the savior, just like today’s argument. Today, you feel defeated but tomorrow you might come with another statement for which I might not be having any answers. We both think in a different way and trigger the events with no similarities but we are destined for only one life. We help each other. We complete each other. Our friendship in itself is Miracle! Do you agree?

Mind (smiles and nods)

Yeah, I agree!

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