Random Notes to Begin

Random Notes to Begin
Pic Credit: https://lynnepiondotcom.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/webinaire-deuil-101-par-lynne-pion.jpg?w=778&h=519

You put coffee mug at the side your laptop, set some irrelevant or relevant nice music in random order and sit in front of that wall with lots of sticky notes which are telling you ‘Start your day with a smile – This is your moment’. What more you want to motivate yourself to write. Probably, you want to write but stuck on ideas about what to write and you think too much. You start evaluating whatever comes to your mind.

Oh it’s bad… not this one… Okay this is not a bad idea to start with but probably I should think some more… Hmmm this is good.. but how to start with it..

You keep on rambling on your thoughts; because you want your write-up to be as unique as possible also, intriguing which is a good sign. But you are delaying things with unnecessary worry about ideas. I prefer start with writing to myself and would be honest about what I am thinking. You can follow this or you can write just random notes. Most of the times while finishing page you will find a real good plot to narrate with killer instinct of wordplay.

To begin writing, you do not need any ideas. All you want is the motivation which will come from you. So, have a cup of coffee, take out pen or keyboard and start!

Keep Writing, Keep Humming! 🙂

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