Ask Yourself!

Few months back, I met this guy who called himself ‘IIT-Pass Out’ and ‘Quit-Job’ after spending 13 years in IT industry. I went to his friend’s luxurious apartment to discuss an idea what he wanted to explain in-person. My sole-purpose was whether he had some freelancing job in the area of writing or not. After 15 minutes of talk, he opened first thread of his so called ‘Big Business Idea’ that was related to, as he quoted, combining e-commerce with social site. The whole line of explanatory session actually confused me and I conveyed my bewilderment to him on which he replied that he actually doesn’t want to explain much so I could think about it. Apparently, I came to know later that his idea was similar to ‘Chain-Business’. I didn’t understand it during meeting but business never brings any interest so I rejected his partnership.

Anyways, this blog is not about what kind of shit-people are those who liked to make these trap by showing some big dreams to the people. Actually, this blog is about the question he asked at the beginning of get together. The question was:

What do you want from your life?

I am sure this small question we all have been dealing with every second. For me, it was really one of the hardest moments and that also I had to answer in front of the person I just met which was making it even weirder. On that night, I was too unhappy not because I spent two hours and money on some waste-guy but I was struggling to find out what my desires are. I was randomly choosing such as cars or maybe a big house, which was ridiculous.

After that day, I keep a blank paper on my wallet and pen all those things what I want in this life. There is one movie named ‘THE SCORE’ in which the protagonist advises:

You want my advice?

Make a list of everything you want now

And plan on spending the next 25 years of your life getting it.

Slowly, piece by piece!

I would say everyone should do that by breaking all those comfort-zone, limiting-barrier and under-confident mood with open heart. Forget about the present, past, family background, social anxiety, people expectation and relationship hindrance. Close your eyes and ask yourself:

Are you what you wanna be?

What actually you want?

Will you be happy if you get it?

Make a favor to yourself and answer truly from your heart without being judgmental about whether you could achieve it or not! Believe me you owe it.

Bye – Bye! See you on the next post.

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