Yours Truly


When I look at my wall it’s filled with colored sticky notes where multiple ideas, incidents, dates and memories are written. Sometimes I read them, sometimes I write new words, sometimes I add more and sometimes, I ignore. I started thinking why it is so hard for me to write just one single page every day, after all, I have all the ideas just listed there.

Is it because I am busy? No. Not exactly!

Is it because I feel tired in my free time? Maybe, but not every time!

Is it because I am lazy? Yes. I think!

Is it because I am ignoring everything?

This explains something. I ignore the tiny pieces of note summed up with ideas and those can become stories. And the count of stories increases as time-to-time, I scratch my pen on the paper and place it on the empty space upon the wall. If it continues with this same ignorance then one day, it will end up looking like nothing but an unstructured and shitty face of the wall.

Ultimately, this will create pressure for me to either align all those thoughts by reading as well as writing one-by-one or thrash those bunches of papers with my bare hands. But If I still don’t do anything it will be converted into a gigantic piece of garbage. And then, I will have no choice but tear all those papers.

So, if you were in my position what would you do?

Of course, you would select the first option to maintain the wall in terms of balancing between stories and sharing. Then, why on earth do you choose to live with the second option? You keep on filling loads of incidents, sorrows, love, pain and problems in your ‘intellectual’ bag and never try to open them for sharing. Why?

Because you are scared of being exposed; because you cannot trust anyone; because they might not justify with your story; because they might laugh at you; because some would feel too sentimental about it; because one can give odd reaction; because you do not want them to make their honest opinion which can offer you embarrassment?

All these excuses or fear makes you weaker from inside. Every day, at your work, at your home, in your family and in your relationship, you deal with various kind of emotional fluctuation. So, what do you do mostly? You go home, switch on your laptop/phone, have a nice dinner, watch some funny videos on Youtube, share it on social sites for likes and comments war and go to sleep his contemplating on preparing yourself for next pretentious day.

What have we forgotten? To talk, to share the small incidents from your day and how you felt or feel about, to open up for what’s real which tells us how only small-small things matter in our lives and to feel how much we are important to ourselves. So, Share your moment!

One more important thing, we should not ignore, is to listen to others; because you will be heard only when you are ready to hear others. Perhaps then, you can call yourself:

Yours Truly

For you and for everyone!

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