Be Honest to Yourself on this Valentine


I have the memories just like a rainbow captivating the dream of home. My recent activity reveals the truth beneath my desperation of having it. I stopped asking the question to myself when, how, what and who: who will be? Is this the real meaning of ‘being myself’. While everyone is celebrating the red color I must search for the true color in me. It’s not that hard you know. You might be thinking that

Hey, he sounds like a lonely person. (But, I must say actually I sound like one of my friend. People who know me can determine whom I am talking about. {Winking})

And I am not going to refuse it. Yes, I am lonely, maybe for wrong reasons. But at least, I am not pretending that

“Hey, I am enjoying the solitude!”

It’s not the truth. Means why do we need that, to motivate ourselves to accomplish another goal in life? And that’s what I was thinking until now. I want to face the truth i.e. somewhere inside my mind I was still trying for it and to be very specific, was desperate. But I am going to cut all the threads which will ultimately form the pulp of traumatic events which can create horrific and miserable future with no real ambition and cheated by destiny leaving me halfway on the fissure-filled road. Anyways, I have decided to live for inquisitive moments and celebrate it with bigger vision. By the way, just want to check:

I sound like a teen or a kid, right?

Maybe I am still a teenager or a kid. And having said so, I am afraid that I could break my decision and fall in love, again!

So, be honest to yourself and your partner. Happy Valentine’s Day to All!

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