Acknowledging the Day: Birthday Special


Few days back when I decided not to reply back all those online posts for my birthday; because I feel that wishing through social site or chat-box is just a formality people have to follow and among them only 20 percent actually mean to greet.

But today, when I came online after a long day from office and read all the posts then I found whoever wished me online I knew almost 90 percent of them. From their posts I realized that they all have one image of me encrypted into their mind while writing those 13 or more characters. It means that I exist somewhere in their memories, doesn’t matter what kind of personality that image has captured. If I would not acknowledge these small greetings then I would not be justifying with my world and indeed, there must be something wrong with me. Having said so, I thank all of you who wished me for my b’day as well as future endeavor. Believe me, these lines from you all energize and fuel me throughout the day.

I also believe that communication with physical presence and voice interaction (phone calls and video calls) are much more powerful medium than social media interconnection for the humanized experience.

At midnight, between the sip of drinks and funny momentary chit-chats I admired the surroundings which made me believe ‘belonging among friends’. Of course, there was a cake and a knife to break the funny silence. I please the smile and try to concentrate on my Chaplin-cut moustache. And I got a first call from my kid brother wished me ‘Happy Birthday’ very casually. Even I took it casually. The whole one hour of chuckling talks and celebration deserted the special day.

I am sure most of us has experienced it that in your birthday, you get call from friend from different cities with whom you had lost connection due to our meaningless use of ‘tech-enabled, fast-connected’ world and you realize many things have changed since you both met. This is the time when you try to fill all those gaps which were left unsaid. Somebody got new car, somebody named their just-born-baby, somebody has been waiting for results to get into internship, somebody transferred to his hometown in his job, somebody is preparing for Government exams and somebody is finding it difficult to make the work-life balance.

My mother who has so many expectations from me, never want to discuss everything with me because I have already taken different turn. Every time she calls me just to make sure I am alright and today was no different. Only added words were ‘Happy Birthday’. I ask her many times to share her thoughts with me but she mostly refuses by saying “what to say, I am tired of this. Anyways, it doesn’t make any difference. Do whatever you want. Just stay good.”

The jolly-queen of life, my elder sister was not sure how to wish me and instead of saying something, she just asked me to clear her confusion. However, she meant to call me from morning but her mobile battery was drained because last day’s full-on game exploration by my lovely nephew and niece. I was so surprised when they both called from the same number and sang full ‘Happy Birthday’ song for me about one minute. It was the happiest minute of my whole day.

Meanwhile, my team gave a special surprise to have a cake-cutting ceremony which started with photo-pose clicking. A half-kilo creamy cake, with 5 cherry placed on a circular ring and my name written at the center of it, was in front of me. I had a big real knife in my hand where my colleagues were waiting for me to murder the sweetish, creamy-filled and chocolaty piece of eggless cake. Honestly, that was the moment when there was nothing in my mind to think. Everything was going so smooth which is really ridiculous in a way; because I always have something over my head to ponder. Before I forgot to mention, I should spill the moment when my sweetest colleague has come to me and presented ‘Dairy Milk Chocolate’ with the whispering voice ‘Something Nice for you’. I am still eating small piece from that.

One of my friends called me at the end of the day almost at 12 before midnight by nominating himself as last person to wish. Indeed, he deserved an award for continuing the trend from last three years.

If you observe your special day then you would realize that you also pick up some casual call from your good friend with casual talk for casual greet. It happened to me as well and I must say that no matter how is the talk but it means a lot. I am also looking forward for the next week party which was announced by my pretty friend after the greetings. I must say I am selfish!

After this long day, I am sitting in front of laptop trying to complete this blog when I think for while I was feeling calm for the whole day. Perhaps, the motto of ‘no expectation’ might have worked for me and I was in control like I knew how my day would be going to go with the joy of happiness.

No, no, no, no, Miss, I am not forgetting anything from this day. I am coming to resolution of the year which was prompted by my PartTimePainter-Cook-SoftwareEngineer-beautiful-Friend. As a reply I would say:

I want to continue the path which can lead the fogged future which might be bright or blurred, who knows. It’s just a matter of time when the destiny would reveal the secret. For this year, I need an impulse to kick-start for the next. Answers are within me and soon, I will explore. For this year, to complete my novel would be the toughest task which I will accomplish.

If you think of anything I should include, do tell.

PS: Thanks for the beautiful day!

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