Perks of Being a Dreamer

Perks of Being a Dreamer

When I decided to become a Writer somehow I didn’t feel that much expected resistance around me. Maybe it was because I didn’t disclose it directly to anyone in a proper manner. Gradually, when they realized that I am actually serious about it then they started telling me, it’s not what I should pursue. In their opinion, I deviated from the path what I should follow. It will ultimately give me nothing but the miserable life. People experiment with so many things in their life and try to figure out what they actually want. They wait for it until either they die or conquer the quest. But is it easy to find your real purpose? Definitely not!

Make A Linear Equation for the Quest

When you born in this so called ‘happening’ world people begins to expect so many things in accordance to fulfill their needs, their dreams and their ‘want-to-be’ achievements. You are not allowed to choose your way. Your life is tied with those thick strings. And that’s how your ‘sucking’ life starts. Someone wants you to become a doctor, engineer and particularly, government employee; because it has money, security, less work and no struggle.

You have absolutely no say in this. Even if they allow you to express yourself and you open up with all your crazy things (dream; that’s what they call it) they will somehow persuade you to follow their determined path according to the rulebook. They will give a closer look to the reality of life (at least that’s what they call it). They will provide the guidelines of society and explain why exactly it is important for us to follow the same rules. It can’t be broken, otherwise you will become first coward, stupid and will be called naive then you will become adamant, crazy. Definitely, there will be one cancellation warning of your membership from the society.

Just like an electron, the ultimate purpose of human is to attain stability and it can achievable, like they say, by following the crowd. Here is the clichéd guideline from society to set your future with the guarantee of ‘Happy Ending’:

The training starts from the childhood when we enter into our education system and the game begins: game of being ahead of others, game of scoring high and game of winning. They do not explore on what field you are actually good at. Some might say there are lots of convent schools that add many extra-curricular activities along with the varieties of courses. But admit it, at last they all point to the specific fields where they think life would be easy and stable or at least, money-loaded. It doesn’t matter you want it or not. You even convince yourself to be ‘happy’ by thinking that at least, you are earning good which can help pay your bills, health plans, home loans, EMI, Retirement plans, etc. Money controls everyone; no denying in that!

Now you can understand that the society is ruled by money. Because money can buy anything such as food, cloths, education, job, home, furniture, yoga classes, car, travel, tour, marriage, relationships, friends, luxuries, loan, insurance, politics, parliament, Democracy, esteem, status, etc. So, what we should do? We should choose our dream which is driven by money. Seriously?

“You are not your job, you’re not how much money you have in the bank. You are not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You are not your fucking khakis. You are all singing, all dancing crap of the world.”Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

I have different opinion on this. First of all, for me, money should never-ever be regarded as God, at least in my world. Today, policies are made in such a way where money drives everyone crazy. They are fighting, they are laughing, they keep their ‘smile’, they manage relationships, they teach/work without even knowing why, they make a shitty video/movies/tv-serials, they follow religion (be a Christian, be a Hindu, be a Muslim, etc), they do politics, they showcase their patriotism, they do speech, they create chaos, they massacre in riots, they sell themselves, they fool themselves, they fool everyone. And for what? Only for Money!!!

“Money is a well-schemed propaganda generated by human to rule over the rest of the humans.”

So, while choosing your dream, you must eliminate two factors from equation: Society’s Regulations and Money. This simplifies the formula into a linear equation where only you and your likes would become the factor.

Dream Chooses You

Do you ever wonder why it is so hard to understand yourself? We have gone to moon, gone to mars, made robots but have we accomplished to read the patterns of human behavior, emotions and ability. No? Because, like I said earlier, we never try to explore. Now that our equation becomes so simple, you are free to explore inner self.

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” – Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

And you don’t have to worry much about the right or wrong path; because

“You don’t choose your Dream, Dream chooses you!”

I believe everyone has a unique quality and it will be with you at every try-out you take on, every skill you experiment, every failure you come across and every step of your life. Sooner or later you will recognize it.

Nap for Introspection

After setting up for the goal, only thing you need to do is to ride, ride like a wind without any hesitance, without any fear of losing. You take the opportunity, take the chances, take the glory, take the small accomplishment, take the criticism and as path goes on you dream more, and more, and more. But time would also come when everything goes so slow compared to your expectation. Then you start thinking more than you were thinking in early days of finding uniqueness in you. You might lose your patience which opens the door for all the negative thoughts and doubts about you. Since you are more passionate you would ignore it and ignore it for a long time until it becomes the chunk of sharp nails with monstrous amount of junk thoughts which would eventually, start hurting your mind. You feel scared about your vision.

Being afraid is not a bad thing but we should not keep it with us for long time. It could brutally demolish our future. So, how do we come out from this? I say take a pen and paper (more than one), lock your room, set yourself as comfortable as possible and start writing all those negative thoughts what were coming into your mind without thinking much. Do not resist to any word. Just let it all come out on the paper. I bet that at the end, tears were rolling on your chin and as everything comes out you feel light and smiling.

Next day would be one of the most beautiful days of your life because you would not be scared of anything!

Keep Reading Keep Humming!

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