Content is the King? Not in this World!


Simple words, simple technique, seamless flow and simple cut-short lines make the best to read for simple readers who don’t want highly described, hard-hitting facts compelled with complexities. And it will be popular sooner if it includes some shitty humor as well, right?

But the real fact is that we are heading not to focus on writing well rather we want popularity. Admit it everyone wants, even I want it. But this doesn’t mean that we sell anything. If anybody asks me what is content, I would say:

The sole purpose of content is to feed in facts or stories or incidents or memories or talks or visions or goals or reasons or some buried truths.

Out of more than 6 billions of people, who would have thought that Internet boom would empower any person to write anything just by using fingertips. Did it make any difference? Yes, indeed. It made a revolution where a person can render their writing capabilities to another corner of the world and we become famous in no time. Of course, it demolished the culture of letter, pen and paper. Besides these, anything it has given is belief that we all can write.

But do you know what they write. They write the same old crap with a bunch of silly characters making fool out of themselves, trying to lose their mind with full of confusions for making a quest for a cheesy solution. They disgrace their reader and deceive them with a display of tagline like ‘masterstroke’, ‘best seller’, ‘10 things’, etc. In short, they don’t want their audience to grow and they call themselves ‘Writer’.

As a writer, we let the reader see through our own glasses and let them experience our own created world but also, we have a responsibility to surprise them every time that pushes them to the next level.

Do we have it in us? Ask yourself; because anyone can write and everyone can read!

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