A Letter to My Better-Self

A Letter to My Better-Self

Hello Friend,

I am writing you after a long time and I hate to admit that I forgot to talk with you in past. I am not coming up with any excuses. I accept that my ignorance was wrong. Good thing is that I have started again. Should I say ‘Sorry’? Yeah, why not!

Sorry for the long gap of communication

So, how are you and what are you up to these days? Talking about me, I am fine. You know it very well; because you’ve been walking with me at every instant of my recent happenings. Thanks for all the support.

New Job

The news is tomorrow I will be joining a new organization. Honestly, I am really excited about this job which offers me a designation of ‘Creative Writer’. The most important reason for this cheerful reaction is:

Exactly one year back on 16th April, I left my job from mechanical engineering profile just to enter into ‘Creative Writing’.

However, I am really skeptical about the new work environment. From my observation what I felt that office gives a look of a typical IT company structure where people are sitting on comfort chair in front of their desktop/laptop and working without any single sound. Perhaps, that frame of work was for that particular time only. Because when I think of a company who gives a personalized offer to their customer on their special occasion or events I certainly cannot imagine their work culture would be IT-Company kind of ‘Boring’. I might be wrong on this interpretation.

So, why I am excited? Because this would be my first job where I will not be present physically only but mentally as well! This would be my first job where I don’t have to fade away in my own imaginary world instead of doing my actual work. This would be my first job where my ability to make a story every second can be useful.

Definitely, my expectation with this new start will be high. Let’s see what future may bring for me! Fingers’ crossed.

When I Wrote My First Blog

I remember when I wrote my first blog this particular person gave some suggestions for my writing. This guy was the one whom I was approaching to get into job. He told me that for that time being they needed some experienced candidate and I was certainly not the one because I didn’t have enough proof to exhibit my command on writing and passion to make stories. I accepted all those. Then he talked about my blog. He told me over the phone:

“In your blog, you give away the real juice of the content too soon which makes it dull to read.”

It was truly a judgment call on the basis of just one blog. I was at gym when he told me this. After the call, I couldn’t continue the rest of my exercise. Immediately, I went home, opened my laptop and read the whole thing again and again for more than 5 or 6 times. I felt that there was nothing wrong with my first blog. It was an honest and true attempt to make it clear that I have chosen one path and why!

On that day, I have decided that I would need to write more content by working on the small cells of the story and make it simple. Most importantly, I need to show it to the world because exposure of your work is everything. I was a boy who desperately needed to find his head and I achieved it. I need to continue with this.


I am thinking now what is next. You might have some idea about it and maybe you know everything but I would like to mention just to remind myself.

Continuing with my blog would be my first goal. Along with this I need to go on with my theatre. My year’s vision is to complete the first draft of my novel. You already read the first chapter, didn’t you? At the end, I would like to add a quote from one of my favorite movies which will define my motive for this journey in much clear way.

“I want to fly, I want to run, I even want to fall down. I just… never want to stop.”

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