#54 I Never Want Farewell

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Recently, I renounced from the office where I have been working for 7 months. Below is the last day mail I have posted. If you do not wish to read it full. You can read the highlighted part.

When anyone starts thinking about their last day mail they would collate large amount of best or perfect words and make a wonderful collage of memories to say ‘Fare-Thee-Well’. I would like to break this pattern and try to be as honest as possible. Before that I want you all to make a promise for not getting easily hurt or offended. So, buckle up.

From the first day till 10th April I came to office not for company’s progress. I have no interest in that. I compromised every working day’s two hours up and down travel (half for bus and half for walk) only and only for the sake of my team. The team made the bond with me like a family. Oh, wait a minute ‘Family’? Too sentimental! I will take it back. This is the best team I have ever got including three teams in last company.

If you ask me the reasons I would say there were: no back talk like team politics against one; no added job pressure because the work was distributed to everyone almost equally; no isolated chamber to roll the lonely cry because everyone was in approachable range for fun, new information, personal matter or work-related communication; no serious stuff because whenever the cubicle punched the height of dull moments, millions of PJs are hovered around the rolling chairs to hit you on the head and you would laugh by making an expression of ‘What-the-heck-was-that-joke’; and no ways to complete your half sleep because first team lead sat by the side and second the regular optional tea/coffee would be served at around 11 am and 4 pm which you can’t dare to ignore.

If anyone had any misconception about me being great writer then I should clarify that I am not. In fact, no one should claim that they are a great writer. But I can bet that in these 7 months and 10 days I have improved a lot in terms of my communication, structuring the content ability and grammatical sensibility. Being a mechanical engineer and having worked as an analyst for three years, nobody expect me to choose this field. When I left my job I had no clue what I was going to do and how? Only thing I knew why I renounced and decided to go into writing field. In this company’s interview when I was asked this most illustrious and expected question then I always said this with a smile,

“From my school days I have been pursuing writing as a hobby. I carried it forward and gave even more depth to my capability to knit a story. From the last 4 years I was struggling to find a way to help me understand what I want. In this introspection, I considered multiple factors including the fear of failing, expectation from friends-family, maintain respect in society where we live and getting enough money to pay your bills as well as to live luxurious life. I was stuck in this zone for so many years and never been able to reach for the perfect solution. And do you know what happened? Someone told me to forget all the factors. Just thrash it, trash it and clear it from my mind. After that, suddenly it becomes so easy. It was just me and pathway for the destination.”

I may be wrong on this and please do not feel bad about this whoever is reading. Because, I never felt that fire inside any person working in the company with whom I talked. Perhaps, I have not conversed with them individually more often and that’s why I guess I didn’t find that person. But I am happy that few people began to focus on their hobbies and other activities after the conversation with me. One quote I’ll always remember:

“Continue doing whatever you are doing, maybe you are inspiring someone.”

With this final quote I would like to rest my pen and end this ‘Fare-Thee-Well’ mail.

I especially want to mention for the nice, decent and surprising farewell cake which was unexpected by looking at my past track record of not having any formal goodbye anywhere, not even in college. So, thank you all so much! But honestly, I never want any farewell because it’s too hard to say Good-Bye.

Thanks for reading! See you in the next post. Till then.

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2 thoughts on “#54 I Never Want Farewell

  1. That was a good one .And the quote *“Continue doing whatever you are doing, maybe you are inspiring someone.”* * keep your good work up .* * all the best .*


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