Salman is Guilty: Should We Care?

Salman Guilty

In this breezy late morning, when my computer was trying to regain it RAM power and I was trying to remind myself what a hectic day it would be, someone – probably the new intern – from my table popped the news:

Salman Khan found guilty, sentenced to 5 yrs

I was neither happy nor sad by hearing this. I thought it should be some old book news and I tried to pass it away but the whisper became sound. And everyone who was sitting on that table was involved in a conversation in no time.

From last night, this topic was trending across every social sites and nobody followed the news that just two days ago, Texas police shot dead 2 gunmen at exhibit of Prophet Mohammad cartoons. Nobody cared. Even I didn’t care. And why should they? After all, those gunmen killed 12 people in the Paris offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in revenge for its cartoons. So, in Salman’s case, this exactly proves the point!

Before you judge this post, I should tell you that I am not going to judge anyone’s act or misact or Salman’s defender or hater or any celebrity’s reaction. And I do not want to take any sides. Yeah, you may drag me into argument by saying that if I am not taking any side then I am supporting the wrong one. Your choice!

The moment this news was flashed, everywhere on the social site and media were flushed with all good/bad jokes. There is some tinkling spark bulged out between Salman’s diehard fan and people. Even in my office, again, intern girl was completely bursting Salman’s 12 years old action and this another girl was trying to negate all by those disappointed look,

“No, he should not be charged!”

Hey girl, if you are reading this then I should say that I do not hate you for liking Salman. I still like you!

As a final conclusion, I would like to convey the message,

“Hey people, should we care about this news? Because in this practical world, we really do not care about any life! Whether it’s about those people who were killed on the footpath by an uncontrolled vehicle or about Salman, who was convicted after 12-13 year and his act was proved JUVENILE which resulted him being charged only for 5 years of imprisonment. Moreover, he got interim bail in few hours.”

So, tell people – What’s your take on this?

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