A Pen, A Paper and The Fear

A Pen a Paper and The Fear

“I am losing confidence”

“I am losing confidence”

“I am losing confidence”

The deeper I am going in this world and snooping around, the more I am scared. Is it because of me? Because I do not try to fit in this world. Believe me, I never wanted to come here.

Oh…no, no, no, no, no, no, no… I don’t want to look for the reason behind it; because this might lead to blaming everyone but me.

Huh… but I certainly need an explanation.

People here, have already started pulling off my leg for silly mistakes I have been doing. And this scares me. That completely shackles my root like an earthquake and maybe later, my existence too if I would not overcome this any sooner. Hey, I am not saying that they are being unreasonable. But I know that I am better than what they think I am.

With all these hindrances, should I take this as another challenge? What should I do? What is the right thing to do so that I could gain my belief in me again?

From my point of view, I should take any criticism positively which I am already doing and do not be confused on the situation.

Yes, I remembered, this is the frightening environment what industry has created over the period of time. People here want everything perfect – perfect letter, perfect word, perfect line and perfect world. THERE SHOULD BE NO MISTAKE. They won’t settle for lesser than that. And here I am putting all my fear on this notepad. Perhaps, this will help me get through this and it certainly will; because I already have gotten past this before. I am beyond ‘the zone’.

I must say it very proudly that writing gives me happiness. Here, I can express much better through typing or if I say in a more effective way that penning in a particular way on a piece of paper!

Thanks again for helping me out!

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