Journey from Tech to Creative

Journey from Tech to Creative

On your first day, if someone introduced you to the team by spelling out your designation and after hearing your post title the person spits out the words

“Oh, thank God! Finally!”

Then the assumption would be:

Oh boy! You are about to fall in a big trouble, my friend!

It’s a wonderful coincidence that exactly one year back (16th April) I left my job to enter into the creative writing and this year on 15th April I joined the company that gave me the same profile what I wanted back then. The big question is, why creative writing? Because:

It gives me the wing to fly in an unbounded space along with my imagination and understanding. I can reflect my emotions and long-lasting memories into words which gives the ultimate satisfaction of my existence in this world.

Oh.. Don’t get me wrong by reading these bubbled words! I don’t live in a dreamy world! Before joining this, I made an anticipatory post about this office work-environment. Believe it or not, but it looked quite same to me except everyone has a laptop sitting anywhere. That seemed like a cool workplace!

One year back, I had this idea to float inside a bubble where I could take my soul anywhere I want. In this period of making a path, most of the time I was skeptic. Whenever anyone says to me that the person should go for what they really want, I was afraid of all those hopeful eyes filled with some expectations by making a statement, “You made a choice, you are courageous!” But what if I failed!

By walking on this quiet and twisty lane, I memorized

From my childhood, whenever I used to slip I just held myself back every single time. That summer, for the first time, I pushed myself to fall with a hope to rise and stand on my feet! Then why should I be afraid? If I failed, I’ll stand again – it continues!

It’s like life is asking you same questions again and again. And you say,

“Huh! Is this another interview session?”

I began to smile by initiating the conversation. The girl, sitting on the other side of the table, confirmed that it was just a formality they needed to follow for recording every new employee’s details such as name, father’s name, PAN card number, a total number of fingers, etc.

I was sitting on a sofa, getting bored, trying to hold my right hand like it has no sign of any activity. Suddenly, a bank guy who was sitting on another sofa around 10-12 ft away right in front of me noticed my ‘loneliness’ and thanked his ‘God’ inside his head. And next thing I remembered that I became one of the ‘privileged’ customers like everyone else.

I was hoping that somebody would come and say ‘hello’ to me but it was 30 minutes past 12 and nobody appeared except the HR girl who was roaming here and there with a smile which was more of puzzling than anything.

Later, she escorted me to the first floor where other office players sat with their laptops and serious faces. I tried not to panic but I happened to look at the person who took my interview for this job. His round shaped face was hard to decipher. That reminded me of that interview day when he was asking me some of the well known but tricky questions. At that moment, he looked so calm, relaxed and happy!

If I needed to tell you more about my company I would say

It is the company where employees need to make those particular faces while providing extremely unique and curated experiences for its customers!

One of my flat-partner suggested me that probably I would get exasperated by writing all day; for office as well as for blogs. So, perhaps I should pursue another hobby! Considering his suggestion, I need to resume my guitar practice.

Coming back to the first-day experience, I was introduced to this guy who seemed like a manager from his walking and talking style – I deducted. After lunch, he introduced me to his team by pointing fingers in a very cool and jolly way.

This is blah, this is blah.. annn.. he is not from this team.. so, no introduction… he is an intern… he is also an intern… she is blah.. he is from sales.. not our team, get lost… he is blah.. he is blah.. and he is blah… he joined today as a content writer!

Now that my alienation ailment was treated successfully, the fragrance of twisting tale again started ringing in my ears. I knew where, how and for what purpose I came. I knew what I needed to do next. The journey from mechanical engineer to creative writing was not that tough. Maybe I was lucky. But I know the mission isn’t completed yet, not until they would realize what I am up for and why I can’t take U-Turn, not until I could see myself in a mirror and say, “Hmmm, Not bad!”

Okay, I admit that I am a little high without taking any drop of whisky, vodka, wine, marijuana or weed. It’s about 3 o’clock in the morning. I should put my pant on and go to sleep!

See you in the next post. Till then…

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