Weird Restaurant Names: Compelling or Repelling?

Weird Restaurant Names

Recently, I was surfing about top 10 weird restaurant names in the world and I came across many bad names but in a marketing perspective, intelligent names to attract customers. How? These names are so weird and sometimes have multiple meanings you can relate that possibly can put you on the edge to make you visit the place, at least for once. Hence, for me, whoever has a final call on the name either has a great sense of marketing or he is just dumb.

Why all of a sudden, I pursued this new interest? In these days, I have been working on content creation for gourmet experience provider vendors in my office. Basically, whole day I talk about highest quality restaurants offering candle lit dinner with delicious 4 or 5 course meal which can be perfect for a couple. And after that I go to some street restaurant, order from their one paper menu and eat like a poor man!

But on a serious note, one street-side fast food center is opened on a passage just behind my residential area. The name of this particular restaurant is ‘Hand Job’. Oh yes, I can understand your curiosity about what the logic behind this name would be. But believe me, I am as much curio as you are. Perhaps, someday I will go, order some rolls and check about the history behind this whole naming process. Oh my god, It just sounds odd!

Hand Job

Okay, suppose this ‘Hand Job’ becomes a big franchise across all over the world and it would be famous for its rolls, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. I mean everyone would be so crazy about its taste.

One guy says, “Hey, it’s a dull day and I am feeling like low energy. I think I should go for Hand Job!”

The second guy replies in a very upset tone, “ohhh man… I wish I could join you.”

“What’s the problem?”

“It’s nothing. Just my doctor suggested me to stop going for Hand Job for a while because of my medical condition.”

“Too bad man, too bad! It would be fun to have you there. Okay, I will go now. The rolls are waiting for me!”

Okay, I admit – Too much imagination!

In short, I want to say that for me if the name gives me some odd vibe I probably prefer to go there. And if by any chance, I visited the place and liked it then name won’t matter. I guess everyone has gone to these weird named restaurant and mostly those places are okay or better than okay! Like Shakespeare said “What’s in a name!”

Have you ever come across these kinds of restaurants? What is it like? Pitch a story or name of the places on comment section!

See you on the next post. Till then….

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