I have a dream

On this Friday, during lunch, I and my colleagues get into this small discussion which later seemed to lead into argument. The topic was:

I have a Dream

How much enticement this specific word can give you to take a step towards your goal? Even I have been blabbering about this word every now and then on my blogs. But what is the real meaning; have we ever tried to find out? And if we did then how do we define it?

Before I start any conversation with you I must give the snippets or brief about Friday’s discussion.

On that day, one person was continuously defending her statement that there should be no such thing like dream and if anyone dreamed before setting their goals, they are the stupidest and most disgusting person in this world.

It seemed like an absurd statement, right? Yeah, we felt like that and without wasting any seconds, we jumped in to prove her wrong by providing so many quotes, historical events and examples of greatest personalities. But we can’t make her think twice about what she was saying. She was giving so many ‘strong’ opinions which were diverting the entire discussion to some other issues. For the record, my contribution in that lunch-time chatting was lesser than 3 lines; I just listened.

Coming back to our real discussion, what do we mean by the word ‘dream’?

Today I was watching this movie called ‘Iqbal’. Although I watched it for couple of times in past, still I managed to sit till the end. It talks about the dream of a farmer’s young but dumb and deaf son to get into national Cricket team as a fast bowler. There was this line in this movie:

“Each one of us has been sent in this world to do one special thing.”

After the movie, I was smiling unknowingly with watery eyes. It was ten past fifty in the night; I stood up and went for a walk in the rainy weather. As I was leaving behind all new and old shops to go on the main road, my mind began to caress over all the memories, from the time when I decided to choose writing as my profession, when one of my inspirations removed herself from my life just because I expressed my feeling to her which she couldn’t respond in any good way and when, out of depression, I wrote many random words on a piece of paper including the line ‘I am not a writer’ with full of tears on my cheek. Also, I wanted to cry because I have a theory that if you want to break yourself in tears don’t go to some secret or lonely place; just go in the crowd, in the traffic, on the road. Trust me, nobody will ever give any attention to your face.

Then I understood my version of dream. For me,

Dream is when I see a pretty girl on the bus and I start to imagine my whole day travelling different parts of the city with her.

Dream is when I watch a superhero movie and I wish I had those powers.

Dream is when I see a beautiful car and I picture myself riding one.

Dream is when I am disappointed by the performance of our team and I picture myself hitting 6 sixes on 6 balls in an international match

Dream is when I write a really fantastic post and I begin to think myself as a well-renowned novel-writer.

Dream is when I wake up in the morning and I want every single moment of that day passed according to my set rules.

Dream can be big. Dream can be small. Dream can be anything. Dream can be silly. Dream can be planned. Dream can be distracted. Dream can be relevant. Dream can be as easy as cutting a pie with a knife. Dream can be impossible. And when we strive to make it happen we just need to forget the word ‘Impossible’.

I always feel that I cannot define my existence without dreaming, even if I failed or succeeded. We all have understood and realized that life is uncertain and death is reality. I believe that God won’t be that cruel to take my life without an accomplishment of fulfilling my wishes.

You had have a dream. I had have a dream!

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5 thoughts on “I have a dream

  1. We all dream. Its one of the best and worst things about us. The questions I think its if you dare to live them.


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