Dear You

Dear You

Hi Dear,

Here I am, again. In a dumpy situation with weird attitude, I knocked your door; because apparently, I call myself your best friend. Hope that you won’t find it depressing and feel sorry for me.

Hmmm… So, the reason I am writing you again is that I am on a verge of distracting myself from my ‘well-defined’ path. And also, I want some motivation which I suppose that only I have to figure out how; because you don’t talk much now-a-days.

Well, I am not blaming you for anything. It’s entirely my fault. Lately, I didn’t care about our relationship; even though I realize that it’s going to affect no one but me, in future. Believe me I lost my mind over other stuffs. Hate me?

I was lying on my sofa with a remote in my hand, watching this short movie – A Day’s Pleasure – directed by brilliant Charlie Chaplin. Honestly, I was tired somehow and the orchestral music on the background brought the light sense of sleepiness. I closed my eyes to let go of all my worries. After 2-3 minutes of slideshows in my head, a tinge kind of silence I sensed which was satisfactory since restlessness is my middle name. And there were one or two moments where I was thoughtless. That was relaxing!

I won’t say that it’s depressing but still if I had a chance to meet my life at some stage I would ask

Oh Life, give me few instances where I was stronger than ever!

I mean that I posted few sticky notes on my wall, on my closet, on the top of my bed and on the bathroom wall that “It’s Time!” But I have never asked myself, “Am I really ready?”

Hmmm, so do you have to ask yourself every time before you actually do it?


Yes, I did. I am your friend, Remember?

Yeah, but I never expected any communicative words from you. You are my.. You are my..

Silent friend?

Yeah… You are my silent friend who talks through me, not to me!

Oh… well I guess that surprise seems to find to a way meet you always. Anyways, What I was saying that you don’t need to ask anyone including yourself about how you are doing. You don’t need to be frustrated when things didn’t go according to ‘plan’. Sometimes, writing a single line could be enough to make you feel better!

Wow! It’s a really great line and very inspiring too. I guess that writing to you is not a waste of time! Thanks for helping me.

It’s my pleasure. After all, I am your friend!

Yeah, yes we are! Oh, it’s getting darker outside. I should put the lights on. Right!

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