Which Indian Mythological Character Would You Be?

There are lots of characters from Indian mythology I could think of but only one character I want to be:



I know it’s too mainstream selection but after reading the cause behind it perhaps you could relate.

Ram was the first son of Ayodhya King Dashrath who had three queens. He was the son of the first queen Kaushalya. He completed his education and weaponry skill learning from Rishi Vashishtha. There is no evidence of any troubled life before he got married. After that, the situation became so drastic for him that he had to live with many conflicts and struggles throughout his entire life:

  1. 14 years of Vanvas:


When Kaikeyi, second wife of King Dashrath, asked for 14 year exile out of jealousy Ram accepted it in order to keep the promise made by his father. He had to fulfil the duty of an ideal son. Sure it was unfair to him but if somebody was more hurt by his decision it was his mother ‘Kaushalya’.

  1. Abduction of his beloved Sita


During Ram’s Vanvas, He lost his wife as Raavan abducted her for seeking revenge on Laxman’s barbarism on Surpnakha. To save his wife from the wrath of Raavan, he had to lift bow and arrow. But first, he requested him return Sita then warned him about the consequences for his malicious act. So, he has given chance to his enemy for doing right.

  1. Unfair to beat Bali


In order to save Sugreev from his big brother Bali’s atrocity, he helped him kill Bali by using conspired way to kill him. As Bali was out of control in his power and someone had to take him down. The conflict was whether he could opt for one-on-one battle to beat him or ambush him. Since Bali got the blessing that his opponent would lose half of his power near him. Morally, Ram was wrong but strategically, it was the best plan considering how spoiled head Bali was. It was said that Bali had defeated Raavan as well.

  1. Sita’s Fore Ordeal


After defeating Raavan, when he returned to his kingdom, few rumours were raised about his wife Sita’s Character. So, as a King of Ayodhya, to keep the Kingdom’s dignity he accepted the demand of people of Ayodhya and asked Sita to walk over the fire. Sita was disheartened by this decision. She gave the ‘Agnipareeksha’ but couldn’t forgive Ram and left Ayodhya. Yes, if we look from Sita’s point of view, Ram took a very harsh and juvenile decision. But if we look from Ram’s perspective, he was helpless whether to go in favour of Sita at the stake of his Idol Kingdom’s dignity. After this, he had gone through a painful severance for many years.

  1. Sita’s Choice to leave Earth


After several years, when Ram found Sita, she sought final refuge in the arms of her mother Bhumi. Sadly, Ram had to come to his kingdom with his two sons.

With this, I come to the conclusion part. I want to live Ram’s life so that I could understand the choices he had to make; how valid those decisions were in accordance of the situation. Ram was very complicated character. Yes, people worship as a humankind idol but his decisions were always questionable even in his own judgment.

So people, what do you think? Which Indian mythology character would you pick and why? Please tell in the comment section.

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