Let’s Walk, My Friend!

Let's Walk My Friend

In this evening, when my mind restricts itself to take a mix of all kinds of sounds including the phone calls, discussions on waste, vibrant ambience of repeated songs, construction work in the neighbourhood, instructions, orders, ‘hu-ha-ha-ha’ mini-sessions and emotional blackmails. Then I went out for a walk.

I was listening to this beautiful song – could it be another change from The Samples– on my mp3 player. Suddenly, I feel that everything was going slow motions. For instances, I could see the moving jaws of that thirty something guy while he was eating a piece of biscuit on the bakery; I could feel the stress that common man kind of guy was applying to his eyes while driving; and I could observe that young guy sitting on the stairs in the relaxed mood watching local pedestrians. These all small things remind me of the time when I was in Infosys campus I used to walk, listen my favourite songs and observe people!

Huh… I missed that walk; I miss the 4 o’clock Tulsi-Ginger tea; I miss my photographic quick-memory, I missed musical numbers and I missed reading multiple inspirational quotes. But in all those times, I walked to see some known faces so that I could smile, wave, say ‘hi’ and maybe, talk for a while. But today was different. I was not thinking or expecting to see any recognized faces to approach me and smile at me. That part is over. Only thing is left now is my thoughts.

Thoughts that can be combined, extended, whispered, twisted, overwhelmed, translated into emotions, pampered or transformed!

Okay, you must be thinking why the heck is it so important?


Thoughts can make us realize what we learnt from/cherished in past;

Thoughts can make us think where we are now;

Thoughts can make us believe what we are capable of.

So, my friend, any time you feel exhausted or momentary tiredness, go for a thinking walk to collect your thoughts and write it down on a piece of paper or type it on your wordpad!

Oh I just remember a joke from one of the episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Chandler: Where are you going, Joe?

Joey: Ahh..  I am going for a walk to combine my…… thoughts.

Chandler: Thoughts… You mean Plural?

Joey (irritated): Okay, I just have one thought!

The people who watched the episodes will certainly know what this scene was about!

Anyways, I am closing this chapter by putting one more line:

Thoughts can tell you the meaning of Freedom!

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