Freedom Is Ours

Man on top of mountain. Conceptual design.

Recently, I was watching a movie named ‘The Kings of Summer’. In opening scene, there was a scene of a jungle where two guys were producing the sound of drum by hitting the piece of wood on the long iron-pipe of dia about 1m. And third guy was standing on the same pipe to synchronize his steps with the sound.

This particular scene stuck to my head as a symbol of freedom. Do you want to know why?


It shows that they are not afraid of anything.

It shows their high spirit to live life like a king.

It shows their happiness what they’ve earned, not begged.

It shows that they are not worried about their past or present or future or job or study or security or money or relationship or global warming or human growth or mars landing or end of the world.

Confused? How could someone be not concerned about any of those?

You all know the answer and it is simple that they were living in the moment and spending every second exactly like how they want. And when somebody tells you that you need to follow certain rules what they have made to make a better society and you are lenient enough to ignore all those terms & conditions then your freedom is in danger.

When I decided to write on this title I took a pen and a bundle of sticky notes. I wrote down this title on the second page because the first page was already blocked for one more task. I always keep the sticky notes where I can look. For four continuous days, I was not even bothered to check the second page although it was always on my mind. Hence, it didn’t prompt me to write on this particular subject that caused delay in posting.

Oh, why all of a sudden, I am telling you this? Because, it talks about ignorance or second priority. That’s exactly what we use to do when they put some conditions on us. You know that you need to always stand up for yourself. But you choose to give it a second priority. Here, you compromise your freedom.

We compromise in our office for the money, job security, maintenance, opportunity (lollypop), future and above all dignity.

We compromise in our country by thinking:

This is not our job;

We can’t fight with system;

I have to take care of my family;

It’s okay, at least we are getting something and that’s not bad!

On this Independence day, promise yourself that you will stand for your rights and never settle for anything lesser than what you deserve, not at home, not in office, not in country and not in life. Be it for the Net Neutrality fight, be it against corruption, be it against porn ban, be it against racism, be it against dowry system, be it against black money, be it against sexism, be it for human (men & women) empowerment, be it for getting appreciated for your contribution or be it for your dream; The Freedom is Ours!

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