What An Untalented Writer Has to Say?


Every now and then, I try to figure out whether I am a good writer or not. That prompts me to look for the real properties of a writer.

With this quest on my mind, I dug deeper and deeper and deeper. At the core of this graveyard, I was still struggling to derive the definition of a writer. It was hard to realize that I, somehow began to give more importance to ‘Comparison’. Perhaps in future, I would soon change it to ‘Competition’ and falsify the basic definition of writing.

When I chose writing as my life few people around me nodded with a smile but hiding the expression of doubt on my capabilities. It was too scary and discouraging to even think that they started judging me even before I set my first step.

Well, I am not claiming that I am a fantastic writer. However, as a matter of fact, I knew that I didn’t have enough knowledge about the rules of language like grammar and structure of an article. What I mostly rely on is my powerful imagination, unparallel thought process, pictorial memory and story building intuitions (not techniques).

Also, I don’t want to imply that should have expressed their honest opinion right on my face. Of course, I would have been devastated by hearing those depreciative sounds. Anyone would be lying if they say “it’d have been okay.”

My point is that we need to stop believing on all pre-defined theories or concepts what we have developed over the course of the period of knowing each other; about anyone’s new endeavour and especially, our new step. Good or bad is just a weird term.

Maybe then, we could all take a courageous decision on the call of our inner-self and support the one who has the guts to walk on the line. We could be brave and bold!

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