An Honest Attempt to Fall in Love, Again?

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Pic Credits:

I could feel our differences while walking down on the road to our destinations. Expectedly, she was talking about how friends are important in our corporate life; because if ever, she had faced any trouble she shared her feelings with me or others, partly.

At the same time, my imaginative mind started talking to her virtual self.

“If ever I got lost from your life you would never miss me; because there are so many friends in your life to fill my void. In fact, you wouldn’t even realize that I am gone.”

I came back to reality. And then I whispered something with a sarcastic joke to add some cheer in our silent conversation. Apparently, we came to the point we needed to take different routes. I murmured, “I wish we would have ‘more than the distance’ time to talk!”

Suddenly, a thought struck me that if ever I would fall in love with this girl I think I wouldn’t tell her; because, for her, I am insignificant.

I guess sharing is easy for her only!

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