Childhood Makes Us Fly: An Easy Method to Live in the Moment!

Childhood Makes You Fly!
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Remember the time when we realized

“Childhood makes us fly; Adulthood makes us cry!”

This ‘Ideal’ world is filled with fascinating opportunities and as we grow old we speed up our digging process to discover:

Who are we? What do we want? What have we done to our younger self?

We think; we over-think; we worry; we create some imaginary reasons to cope up with our mental situation and we succeed to unbalance it. That leads to nothing but emptiness where we fall, fall deep faster than after gravity-effect and it scares us. The frightening feeling of losing yourself when you required to get everything!

We are the one who is responsible for our complicated life!

Once I was asked:

“Why can’t we be kid forever? We could’ve avoided the incident falling into emptiness, no worries, no twig-tag!”

And I answered:

Don’t be a fool by getting trapped in the emotions. You see you are losing this moment while regretting. We spent our entire childhood days by wondering why we can’t be adults. And now, should we spend our rest of life by sighing ‘Oh! I wish I could be a kid forever’? Embrace your adulthood!

But why was this question raised on the first place? Is being a child better than becoming an adult?

I would like to quote

Yes, children are better than adults because they know how to live in the moment.

That kid was dancing on his favorite song during school assembly and he was naked. Best part was he never realized this while dancing. But he cried later when he went back to his row and some kid pointed it out! He cried harder and harder couldn’t stop sobbing till the end of an hour.

Do you ever see a kid lost in his world with the creation of new stories with passing minutes? As you step into his world he gives you an honest reaction reflecting the bond you both shared. He whispers something he really wanted from long time and he doesn’t listen to anyone until he gets it. Once his wish is granted he is happy and knows exactly what to do next!

Live in the moment; Easy, isn’t it?

We choose our path based on our interest. We put efforts to get it. We make plans; we ask for advice; we take too hard on ourselves; we learn from our mistakes; we stick to initial thought; we look for opportunities; we run…. Run on the third gear…. We let ourselves run…

Some people might call you selfish because you are not thinking about what your loved ones think about you. All you care about is your plan. But it’s not selfish at all! You are not the one who is falling into the pool of emptiness. You’ve a goal and you are searching paths.

Meanwhile, somebody steps into your life, you like it; in fact, you love it! What do you do? You indulge.

And that’s how you live in the moment.

It’s not about achieving something. It’s about how you simplify yourself in this huh… ‘Ideal’ world.

Easy, isn’t it?

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