An Intolerant Statement From A Nice Guy

Intolerant Phase of A Nice Guy
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At this phase of life, somehow everyone got their love or married. Even few people are luckier to find two lovers and ready to ditch one of them according to the situation and demands.

And here I am bragging about their achievements, distressing, being desperate, putting myself into the depressed zone, pretending to be happy, making eye contacts, waving smiles, wearing colorful clothes and being nice to everyone. Yes, nobody cares. At least, I never found the look of caring.

It comes down to the point where I no longer want to be a nice guy. Keeping my selfless attitude aside, I would like me to become a guy who wants everything he desired for or dreamt of. And oh yes, right now!

Surrounded by these normal life’s issues, how could these ‘literate’ people get time to make ‘intolerant’ statement responding on the tolerance level of country? Suddenly, I am feeling so ‘privileged’ living among these many ‘intellectual’ personalities!

Stop being judgmental. Get a life, people!

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