The Wind of A Butterfly Day


I am sure you have watched or at least heard about the movie ‘Wall-E’. In one of the scenes, Wall-E, standing right next to Eve, was looking at her palm to touch those fingers, to hold her hand. Attempting his best to carry his hand, Wall-E seemed to be lost in the moment surrounded by doomsday second.

It is one of those overwhelming moments where all kinds of emotions chipped in with many happenings you can count.

It was lost-in-the-moment day where I, as a butterfly, was going through all kinds of wind and still not feeling so tired. I never wished this day to end and probably, that’s why I didn’t want to sleep; although it was 4 in the morning.

I and my friend talked on every possible topic we could discover. Apparently, the sips of tea and coffee and the repeated cheers with beer bottles for same reason are felt so bloomy; because we were not celebrating anything!

I turned my right and looked on the wall to re-read the quotes selected by me and my friend.

The Wind of A Butterfly Day-1

You and Only You can Finish What You’ve Started!

Creativity is the Anti-Thesis of Helplessness!

Perhaps, this Written-Right-On-Wall-Quote would drive me to channel my energy and gather all thoughts to motivate on the path I have chosen for myself!

Quite an eventful day it was!

This day I was smiling throughout

No office; A morning message; Silly discussion on who will make tea; Making Jokes without thinking much; An awaited mail (little progress); surprising message and 9 pm call fixed; Thinking then over-thinking then I scolded my mind ‘Stop thinking about what you would say’; Corporate Ethics the big word; A Coffee Tale; 6 feet under the carpet; Open-up; The plant with sunshine care; talk over coffee while pulling a newly-married friend in front of his wife with Sher-O-Shayari; Discovered how powerful Image Theatre would be and An Entrepreneur Story; Cheese Masala Dosa and an angry cab driver.

Made a new friend

I literally ran for the home because it was already half-an-hour late but surprisingly I was not in hurry. The voice was so clear and chuckle was over the top delighting like a cherry. This was great not because I want it to be; because there was no butterfly in my stomach. We talk like we know each other at least for some time. There was no pressure of making a joke.

The pretentious nature of the wind lost in the wings of this butterfly who was flying in the garden to find more threads to connect. Did it find? I don’t know yet!

Hmmm, I wonder why we all look for simplified life living in the complex world; probably because we all love solving puzzles.

The smell of fuzzy but sweet feeling

So it was 4 in the morning and like I said earlier that I and my friend didn’t want to go to sleep. Of course, we both have different reasons. I told him that I never forgot the line what he said unknowingly 3 years back. That line contributed a big role in helping me choose this path. And yes, I am enjoying it!

At 12:30 AM, We are down with 2 beer bottles, laughing because I subconsciously voiced her nick-name instead of telling her actual name. And we were laughing hysterically.

We took one cup of tea right after that. We were at our balcony discussing about me. And a word came out ‘universal sign’ on which I stopped believing now. In their words, how true and honest our conversation would be, also there would be no pretending and we have already crossed introduction stage which is the most time-consuming process. She looked perfect.

Honestly speaking, I was feeling great after hearing all these opinions. Then I tried to think whether it is a dream or real! That’s when we took half mug of coffee and dress selection process was started. After all, my another friend had to make a grand appearance on next day’s event.

The Wind of A Butterfly Day-2

Old memories

While I was recovering from my happy moments the conversation went to the old lane where my friend never wished to go. He revealed some heard-unheard, shocking but true incidents. The guilt was there for ‘why those situations’. And I supported him by saying that

He chose the right person for right job. The event was a big success and no one has done it till now. Ethics, morals these are all compromised but the good thing is people who were his friend on those days are still his friend including me.

The Last Beer

The butterfly was tired but our wings were still on high energy with the last bottle and our mind was lost in finding solutions of an unsolvable equation with highlighted variables like relationship, society and religion. As far as I remember I was not high but we were bit philosophical.

The Sleep

Many things went into my system: Career, Dream, Right Choice, Bad People, Revenge, Women Harassment, Compliance, Integrity, Spooky Tales, Daring, Perfect Day, Newly Married Life, Shayari, Emotional Eyes, Right Click on the Life, Coffee, Travelling, The Smile, Still not figured what she wants, Confused, Taking Pride, Simplified Girl, Money Settlement, Entrepreneur, A way out or ouch, Food, Questioning Corporate, The power of eight hands, Asking for Coffee, Simmy and an asleep butterfly!

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