Switch To Good Morning Person

Switch To Good Morning Person
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While writing this title, I realized that I am not really a Wakey-Wakey In The Morning kind of person myself!

Those, who are thinking that I am going to count hundred benefits of waking up in the morning through this read, are wrong.

So, what is Good Morning Person?

Did you ever find it strange when you’d been singing one of the songs for entire day, without realizing; even though it’s not on your favorite track list? When you try to remember the occurrence of that particular song in your mind, you figured that this song was on your lips since same morning. It was one of those songs or only song you’ve heard in the morning and you hummed it for while. And since then, you’ve been singing it until someone pointed out or you noticed it.

The question remains, why?

I am not going to give any scientific reasons (I don’t know about it) but I shall try to provide a logical explanation.

We all know that like any parts in the body, our brain needs a break. Obviously, the functionalities of a brain are such that it can never sleep. Instead it minimizes its workload. When you wake up in the morning, the brain, that has been busy dreaming, has to break that last task and initiate the usual morning task. In simple words, at that time, your brain waves Bye-Bye to your dreams and makes effort to remember your day plan. This is the time when your brain is the most vulnerable which is ready to grasp anything. And there you are Good Morning Person!

You become the Good Morning Person. What is so fancy about it?

Good Morning Person feeds multiple data in his/her mind till the brain is fully alert and ready to execute the day plan. In this duration, you can actually do things what may be important for you now or in future. Think about it…

If you are an Actor, you can try to understand the character you would want to play.

If you are a Writer, you can read favorite novel or think about the idea which you want to transform into story.

If you are a Software Engineer, you can do the maths on Algo you’ve been struggling with.

And believe me, it will stick with you for so long!

So, do you have to sleep every time you need some breakthrough or solution?

There is no promise of finding solution or breakthrough but at least, you will have the right idea on how to approach the problem. And here is the secret what I’ve discovered about Good Morning Person

You don’t need to sleep and wait for waking up the Good Morning Person. All you need to do is offloading.

I am sure there are millions of methods you can find on Internet to Empty Your Mind. Few are:

Stay still for 1-2 minutes (Don’t move at all)

Listen to favorite instrumental in calm place

Take deep breaths

Instant Yoga

It’s easy, isn’t it?

I would say no, it’s not that easy. The world around you is so complex at least, we made it like that. Even, to collect a single thought is kind of tough luck job as our mind would juggle with millions of thoughts mixed with emotions. But there is nothing impossible in this world. It can be learned with patience and regular practice of being calm (Thoughtless)!

So, what are your waiting for. Take a nap (Not literally) and come out as Good Morning Person!

Now, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning and I am definitely not going to wake up early which results me reaching late to office. Okay, time to sleep. See you on the next side!

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