The Walking Hour

The Walking Hour
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Why do you seek for greatness on each and every step you take? Is it too hard to make everyone believe what you’ve achieved or you are going to conquer in these smallest steps? Progression can be boring, interpretation can be unsettling and the brutal truth is that nobody is going to give his/her precious hour to see how you progressed; rather they would see what you achieved at the end of road. They probably say

“Wake me up when your ‘long’ race ends.”

Funny, isn’t it?

“Seriously, walking 20 meters in an hour with a constant speed? That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard.”

Yes, nobody give a damn until you do. ‘The Walking Hour’ needs your patience, needs your persistence, needs your commitment, needs your confidence, needs your attention, needs your calmness, needs your acceptance, needs your hallelujah, needs your copping up with the findings during the process, needs your heart and needs you!

Do you think that you have it in you?

The analogy of life is scripted in the form of unstoppable progressive creation of a wonderful picture. Do you really have to have multiple images that define you at the end? Wouldn’t it be ambiguous to discover what you’ve actually become?

Oh fighter, oh fighter!

When you begin to understand me

When you hold your breath to start the race run

When you stop looking for charisma and find you’re charismatic

When you breathe in every time you smile

When you solve the mystery of a step what it brings for that moment

Then, my friend, you can reach me!

So, take your time, clear your mind, brush your toe and get ready for the longer race you can ever be part of.

Relish Life!

8 thoughts on “The Walking Hour

  1. It’s funny at how so many will marvel at the finished product but yet won’t even begin to understand the level of hellish difficulty it took to achieve greatness. Hope you don’t mind I joint in this run..


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